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Hughe, John E., etc. v. Bruin, Joseph, etc.: Chancery Cause, Arlington County

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his negro jail or place of business in Fairfax County or elsewhere in the state of Va. in some place belonging to or under his control: and if so, where was said negro girl, and where was said conversation. Have not the said defendants or has not one and which of them, or are they or is not one of them about to transport and sell the said negro girl as a slave for life, beyond the state of Virginia. And if she has been already so transported or sold, whither has she been so transported or sold and when and by whom were such transportation and sale effected. And that your orators and oratrixes may have a decree against the said Joseph Bruin and James Simpson restraining them and each of them from transporting for sale or selling the said negro girl Mary Catherine as a slave beyond the state of Virginia: and that they may be compelled to give good and valid security in such sum as the court may consider reasonable to have the said negro girl forthcoming to your orators and oratrixes, at the expiration of the said 25 years, which will expire on or about the [blank] day of [blank] in the year 1857: and that your Orators and Oratrixes may have such other and further relief in the premises as to the court may seem equitable