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Hughe, John E., etc. v. Bruin, Joseph, etc.: Chancery Cause, Arlington County

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of Equity. To the end therefore that the said Joseph Bruin and the said James Simpson may true, full and perfect answer make to the premises and in particular may state, whether they, or one and which of them did not purchase the said negro girl named Mary Catherine from said Vaccari or from some other and what person and for what sum and for what length of time or Interest and estate: and were they not, or was not one and which of them informed, or given cause to believe that the vendor of said negro did not posses an absolute estate and title to said negro: or had they or one and which of them not reason to suspect or believe that the said negro girl was held by the vendor for a term of years only or for some estate less than an absolute estate: and were they or one and which of them so informed or so given to believe or put on inquiry before or at the time or shortly after the completion of said sale: and if so when & by whom. Was not the said Joseph Bruin informed by Mrs Mary Ann Masterson that the vendor of said girl mary Catharine had only a limited interest in her till she was 25 years of age or up to some other period: and was not said girl at the time of such conversation at