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Folder 003 - "Davis, Westmoreland, 1917-1918", Item 019

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We the undersigned respectfully petition that you as representing Winchester and Frederick County in the Legislature of Virginia in the year 1918 give earnest consideration to the measure which will be introduced in that body for the establishment of a Co-ordinate College at Charlottesville affiliated with the University of Virginia. It is our desire that you should cast your vote in the affirmative. Mrs. Wm. W. Dellinger Mrs. H. R. Grim Mrs. W. A. Sale Mrs. B. G. McIlwie Mary E. Lichty Mrs. H. C. Stouffer Martha F. Dockery Mrs. Bessie T. Smalts James W. Bodley Mrs. C. W. Caldwell Mrs. J. C. Hottle Mrs. Wm. G. Grove Mrs. T. H. Ritter Maud Hollar Mrs. Charles Dean C.T. Omen Mrs. Lewis Pearson Lewis Pearson Mrs. L. Virginia Othey J. H. Cooley Fannie K. Cooley Justa E. Quinch Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Harris Ada Somerville Hatcher Jennie Pritchard Sallie E. Fries Margery S. Hatcher Willie R. Bell Maude L. Wright A. Louise Savage Katherine R. Glass Madeline Hatcher Lottie V. Covington Edmonia S. Baker E. Adele Affleck Rosa Kerfoot Affleck Katharine Richard Virginia Smith Florence M. Barr Henrietta Sibert Sheppie Strother Florence D. Grim Rev. George SMBowers Mrs. J. C. Recher Mr. J. C. Rechen Mrs. A. D. Henning Mary Louise Henning Mrs. Hugh Duffey Mrs. S. H. Edmonds Mr. H. B. McConnar Mrs. H. B. McConnar

Nancy Nulton Larrick Bessie C.Bosserman Rebecca C.Gold Belle C.Fisher Zepha B.Simpson Margret Anderson H.Douglas Fuller M. M. Lynch N. D. Cool H.S. Duffey, teacher in public school F. Devany, " " " " W. M. Sarnsell, " " " " Susan Salsburg, " " " " Mary J. Gray, " " " " R. L. Stickel, " " " " Bettie C. Green, " " " " Beulah Cline, " " " " Louise Zirkle, " " " " Ella S. Gibson, " " " " Dora D. Plank, " " " " Marguerite Dougherty, " " " " Bessie Rush, " " " " Elizabeth Russell, " " " " Annie Ballard, " " " " Effie C. Argenbright, " " " " Kate A. Croonur, " " " " Helen E. Zirkle, " " " " Bertha Robinson, " " " " Minnie Hall, " " " " Rev. Walter R. Alexander W. Roy Stephenson Robert S. Smith J. Crosby McCarthy J. H. Lacy Mrs. George S. Bowers Mrs. J. F. Ward Julian F. Ward Irene R. Carter, teacher Leslie D. Klein, Supt. Schools John W Rice Mrs. W. R. Alexander Mrs. Martin Wisecarver John W. Steck, Representative to last Legislature)