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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 3 of 6)

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2 did they cultivate the land together? and what do you suppose to be the average produce of the land? Ansr. Yes they did before John married. I believe they made about two hnd tobacco & sixty or seventy bbs of corn but no great deal of wheat. Question by same Were you a member of either of the juries which extended the land? Ansr. Juror of the second one. Nicho Ware's Question by same Was that extent laid on the whole of the land left by Richard Moore or in laying it did you have out a part of it for John; if so what part did you leave for him? Ansr. We left out thirty acres for John in the fork of the road and an other piece between that and the part allotted to Ware. Question by same Do you know any thing about a will said to have been left by Richd. Moore Senr? Ansr. As well as I recollect there was a copy of the will there on the day the extent was laid which was read to the jury & provided that John was to have 30 acres of land in the fork of the road if he would give George schooling. Question by same Do you know whether John sent George to school? Ansr. Yes George told me so himself. Said that he went to school at the old church and wanted to go to Bowden. That he knew he could learn if he went to Bowden. Jack made a bargain for George to board with me, to go to school to William Bowden but he would not go unless his brother would furnish him with a horse to ride & it was not more than two or three miles but he did not go at all to Bowden said that he would not go. Question by same do you suppose to have been the age of George when you first came to the neighborhood and how long after that was it that George refused to go to school? Ansr. He was grown very near. When he was to have boarded with me it was in the year 1798 which was before I came to live in the neighbourhood of Centreville. Question by same when you came to that neighbourhood was there any personal property on the land and if so to whom was it understood to belong? Ansr. Yes Jack Moore owned some very good horses [illegible] way some stock, but I don't know whose it was. If a debt came against one an other would claim it. Question by same In the opinion of the neighbourhood generally to whom did the personal property afterward purchased belong? Ansr. It was supposed that every one of them had a claim to it. Question by same Had either of the brothers except John any other means of acquiring property except from the produce of the farm? Ansr. I do not know that they had Question by same Did either of them ever marry except John or did either of the daughters leave any issue? Ansr. No sir Question by same. About what time did they severally die? Ansr. That I an't tell to save my life. Question by same. Do you know any circumstances attending the purchase of the negroes in their possession which would go to shew to whom they belonged? Ansr. Yes. Dick purchased all except Ned as he told me himself. Question by same Do you know of whom & when he purchased them Ansr. He bought one (the plff James) of the sale of James Didlake or some one bought it for him. He bought the woman Priscilla & child from Edm. Graves Question by same Are you certain that Priscilla had a child where he bought her? Ansr. No sir I am not