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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 3 of 6)

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5 I used to go there to borrow things and he would say that nothing upon the land be conveyed to him. I must go to George Question by same When they made purchases or sales, who served to be the acting man? Ansr. I have seen & known George to get Dick to go and make bargains for him to hire negroes & the like of that and to pay a way money & receive money for him. Question by same Are you in the habit of preserving your bond after they have been paid off? Ansr. No not lately. Question were you in that habit about 30 years ago? Ansr. I do not recollect that I did. Would take them in & take their names off. Question by same. Have you the bond now in your possession which you gave to John Moore for the two young cattle? Ansr. I do not know that I have. Question by same. Do you recollect whether it was given to him as Admor or individually? Ansr. I think or well as I recollect it was to him as admor Question by same where did John Moore live at the time of his death? Ansr. He died at the place called Dames. Question by same Did he cultivate that on the preceding year any part of the land left by his father? Ansr. I do not recollect that he did. He had rented a place called Hannah belonging to Conl Smith's estate. Question by Pltffs atto How long before Dick Moore's death was it you heard him say he owned no property? Answer A very short time. Question by Booker's attorney Were all the brothers except John living on the land about the year 1815? Ansr. I believe Ben died about that time. I believe the other three were living there. [illegible] has been dead 12 or 14 yrs Question by same Had they at that time any other means of support than the produce of the land?