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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 3 of 6)

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4 Question by Same. Did you understand in what part of the farm, the 30 acres which he claimed lay? Anr. Jack thought it was in the forks of the road. George thought he had no part. Question by Same. When did you hear your brother Joseph Collier speak of the provisions of the will? Anr. I think I heard him speak of it about the time he was called before Mr. Robinson & Mr Pollard last Spring Question by Same. Did he then say where John's 30 acres lay. Anr. He said, as well as he recollected, the 30 acres was in the fork of the road. Question by Same. Did you never hear from George [Muir] whether his father's will provided the 30 acres, in any particular part of the land, had his brother have sent him to school? Ansr. No I have heard him say it gave him thirty acres but he did not say where. Question by Same. When did George arrive at age? Ansr. That I can't tell. Question by Same. When did he first seem to be the Head Man on the land? Ansr. Just before he went to Tensee as well as I recollect Question by Same. When George & Thomas returned from Tenessee did they bring any visible personal property with them. Ansr. Each brought a horse. Question by Same. Did they continue to keep the horses or did they sell them? Ansr. They sold them. I think George sold his to Wm Garnett & am certain that Tom sold his to Richd Walden. Question by Same. When did they first own a slave? What slave and from whom did they purchase or obtain it? Question by Same. I believe Jim was the first they bought. They bought him of Didlakes Estate. Question by Same. Which of the Brothers bought him? Ansr. I do not know. Question by Same. Did you never hear of Dick's claiming the slaves and other personal property? Ansr. No Sir I have heard him say that he had no property.