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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 3 of 6)

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2 me where he when he went to Tenessee that he rented it to his brother Jack, at the price of $40 per year. I don't recollect in what year. I understood he was to have it at the $40 per year until George came back. Question by the Same. Who was the guardian of George Moore. Answer. I suppose that Jack acted as Guardian as he had all the old man's property & sold it off but I don't know that George ever went to court to choose a Guardian. Ques by do - Who was considered as the master upon the plantation where the brothers lived there together? Answer. Jack was master man until George became of age. Quest by do - Who was considered by the neighbours to be owner of the slaves upon the Land? Answer. George. Question by Attorney for Booker. Were you a member of the inquest in the case of Forcible entry & Detainer between John & George? Ans'r. I was not. I was on no Jury concerning the Land. Question by same. In what year was the sale of Rich'd Moore's property made by John Moore? Ans'r. It has been thirty odd years. Question by same. Is there anyone now living whom you recollect to have been at the sale? Ans'r. I do not recollect now who was there. Question by same. Do you know who kept the account sales? Ans'r. I do not. Question by same. What sort of property and about to what value was sold Ansr. There were cattle. Horses & Hogs. a pretty good stock - John Moore bought a mare there. Question by Same. Did you purchase anything and to what amount? Ansr. I bought a couple of young cattle there. for about six or eight dollars. Question by same. What were the terms of sale? and to whom did you give your bond? Ansr. I do not recollect what were the terms of sale. I gave my bond to John Moore. Question by Same: Was there no carpenter but the black workman engaged in the building of the house before the old man's death? Ansr. Not that I know of. Mr. John Moore employed Mr. William Bland to raise it and do what was afterwards done to it. It was never been finished. Question by Same. Were you frequently at the place while the old man was preparing to build. And did you never see any white workman there before his death? Ansr. Yes - I was there pretty often. I don't recollect that I did see any white person at work upon the house except his sons. Question by same. Of whom did did he hire the black man? Ansr. He hired him out of Conl. Greg Smith's Estate - Question by same. Who had the management of Col. Smith's estate at that time? Ans'r. I do not know - unless Mr. Benja Dabney had. I rather think he was gdn for Thos. Smith. Question by same. Do you not recollect whether, there or Richd Senr ever left the farm after the death of their father? If they did, when? and for what period? Ansr. Richd was put in the Penitentiary for five years & lived with Mr. Corbin one year after he came out. Question by same. When did George tell you that he rented the land to Jack? Ansr. He told me so after he returned from Tensee Question by same. How long did George & Thomas remain & about when they went to Tenessee? Ans'r. George - seven or eight years. Tom perhaps four or five. Question by same. Did John rent the 30 acres as well as the balance of the Tract? Ansr. I do not know anything about the thirty acres. Question by same. Did you never hear any conversation between the Brothers, about John's rights to the 30 acres? Ansr. I heard George say that he did not think John had any right to it, because he did not send him to school & give him learning. Question by Same. Did not either claim & cultivate the 30 acres? Ansr. I do not know. He contended or it & said he had a right to it.