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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 3 of 6)

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Bland worked upon the house & ought to know - Question by same In your communication with the brothers, have you heard that John was intitled under his father's will to any part of the land? If so, what part? and did that part include the dwelling house? Ans'r. I always heard that he contended for the 30 acres. I did not hear what part. Question by same. Was John Moore living on the land at his death? If not way did he leave it? Ans'r. He was not. He married & moved because he did not choose to bring his wife there - Question by same. Were all the brothers except John living on the land about 1815? Had they at that time any property? in what did it, consist? Who was understood to own it? Ans'r yes - they were. They had some stock. They all lived there together. I did not hear in particular that one owned it more than another. Question by same. When did they first own a slave? What slave did they first own? Who bought it and of whom? And state all that you know about their purchasing or holding slaves or other property. Ans'r. I don't recollect when they first owned a slave. It was before John Moore died. Jim was the first. I don't know who bought him. Priscilla was next. Dick Moore said he bought her. Dick Moore bought a Gig from Hoopers Estate & a bed & some few little articles he let the Gig off. but paid me as admstr of Hooper's Estate for the other articles. at the same time I took in from Rich'd Moore Hoopers due him for about six dollars lent him by Dick Moore. after Dick Moore's death I went to George Moore's & he said that his brother Dick left some money but that he could not find & asked me to help him to look for it. Said that it was hid in some part of the house I called up the negro woman to help me to look for it & we found it upon the joint of the house. There were thirteen dollars & three four pences tied up in an old sock. Question by Same. Who was the Guardian of Eliza now the wife of John Booker? Ans'r. Rich'd Moore was her last guardian. I believe that Mr Hart was the first. Upon reflection I think that Geo. was Gdn and Dick was his surety Question by same. Do you know anything of any property acquired by Booker's wife from her mother? Ans'r. She got a piece of land and a woman. Question by the pltfs atts. What became of the woman mention in yr last ans'r? Answer. She was delivered to Booker the defendant I believe. Quest by same. What was the name of the woman? Answer. The one that came out of Davis' estate was named Rachael she was sold by the Guardian and another bought in her place, her name I don't know. Question. Is the woman which was put in her place in the possession of Booker the deft.? Answer. I expect so Sir, I do not know to the contrary. I have not seen her for 3 or 4 years. Question by the Same. At the time of George Moore's death, who was generally considered to be the owner of the salve he held? Answer. I really do not know, it is my opinion that they all were a part in the property that was there. Question by same. Could George Moore read or write. Answer. No Sir, I believe not. Question by same. Did George Moore go to school? Answer. I don't know, I think I have understood that he went a part of a year, that John sent him, but George concluded that he was too old to learn and gave it out. Richard Moore (his mark) X

King & Queen County. Sir. The above deposition was this day taken subscribed & sworn to before us Jas. H Henry & Tho's F Spencer Justices of the Peace for the County of K & Queen. Given under our hands & seals this 1st Day of November 1832. J H Henry JP (seal) Ths. F Spencer JP (seal)