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Ned: Freedom Suit, Charles City County (Part 3 of 6)

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of Rich'd Moore? Had they at that time any personal property? If they had in what did it consist? Ans'r. They had none when I first knew them for they lived with their father. Question by same. Did they receive any personal property at the death of their father? Ans'r There was property there. I never heard of any Sale They had some stock I don't know how much Question by Same. What was the general understanding in the neighborhood in relation to the ownership of the personal property? Ans'r I do not know. they all claimed it. Question. When did they first own slaves, which purchased them, and of whom? Ans'r I think the Plt Jim was the first. I bought him for them they sent me word to bid him in for them. They went to Didlakes Sale & bid for Jim. he was knocked off to them. Didlakes admr refused the Surety they offered & he was let up again on another day. Dick sent Jim to me with a dollar to pay for my days work, and I went down and bought him & directed that he should be ch'd to Dick Moore. which was refused and I had to give my own bond & let them have him to Dick & George gave me their bond for him with W. Vincent Hart their surety I think they bought Miles next but won't be positive. Dick went down to Gloucester to buy him & brought him up. Priscilla was the next. I understood that Dick bought her from Graves. Ned was bought by George after Dick was dead. Question by Same. What became of Miles? Ans'r I don't know they said Jim carried him to Richmond and he was sold Question by Same. Before the death of Dick who claimed the negroes? Ans'r I could not say exactly they both claimed them one would say they were his negroes & the other would say they were his. Question. Do you know anything of property received by Rich'd or George Moore as Guardian of Eliz. Moore now the wife of Booker? Ans'r Richard Moore was Guardian for her and sold a negro woman named Rachael. I don't know what she sold for. He bought a negro I think Miles directly afterwards and I understood with that money. Question by plts atto. Was not George Moore grown when he was first sent to school? Answer. He was or nearly so he was about 15 or 20. Quest. by same. Did not the other pupils laugh at him in consequence of his size & not having learnt his letters? Answer. Yes they used to laugh at him, he would not learn and said he could not & should not go anymore. James Breshwood

King & Queen County - Sc. The above deposition was this day taken subscribed and sworn to before us Francis Rowe and John H Henry Justices of the Peace in and for the said County. Given under our hands & seals this 31st Day of October 1832. Francis Rowe JP (seal) JH Henry JP (seal)