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Daniel: Chancery Cause, Bedford County (Part 1 of 2)

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[wish?], that can not be obtained without the interposition of a Court of equity. Your Orators are advised and believe that by the time construction of the said will the said slaves are not entitled to their freedom until they shall arrive in Liberia - that it was a condition of their freedom that they should go and that their right to freedom is not perfect until they shall comply with that condition. 1st Because the testator expressly directed that all of his slaves of both ages and sexes should be emancipated and set free and sent to the Colony of Liberia. 2nd Because he directed & enjoined it upon his Executors to raise the necessary funds to send the said papers to Liberia - & prescribes the manner in which it shall be done - that they shall first apply to the American Colonization Society, or some other like benevolent & humane institution for funds to aid them in sending the said slaves to Liberia - and in the event that a sum sufficient could not be raised in this way, that the said slaves should be hired out until their joint wages should amount to a sum sufficient to pay the expenses of this voyage - and that if anything should remain after paying the expenses of their voyage that the surplus should be divided among the