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Hagar: Freedom Suit, Augusta County (Part 8 of 17)

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other against George Jones who lived in the County of Grayson and who Husband of the said Witnesses without any foundation what Ever But with a design as he Belives to Intimidate them and to make the Leve the County for the Express pourpose of Depriveing said Hagar of their Evidence which he did as they sold out and move so precipitately that it was Impossible to Get their Depositions to some place in the state of Ohio or Indiania they being Ignore[n]t persons and the said Idle haveing threat[en]d frequently that he woud Ruin them although he had Just obtained a Bill of [Injunction?] in the County Court of Wythe which Embraced all matters in Dispute Between the said parties as he has Just Cause to believe as will appear by a Copy of the same Hereto annexed that some time Last Summer Martin Dickerson Assumed such an active part on behalf of Fredrick Idle against said Hagar as he the said Gaines Believed that it was advised by his Councll that Affadavits should be taken to prove the Disposition of the Court of Grayson which was done and on application made to the Chancellor in Last July term which failed on account of Notice of the said application not having Been Given to Frederick Idle he Believes and that some Reasonable time before the Chancery Court held Last fall at Staunton Hagars Councille Major Sheffey Directed two Noteces to be serv[e]d on Frederick Idle that an Application would be made on a Certain Day of said Court to his Honour John Brown to Change the Venue of said suit to some Court where ample Justice coud be had and in Case of failure the other giveing him the said Idle Notice that an Application woud be made to the Honourable Arthur Steward on a [illegible] thereafter to move the said suit by [illegible] to some other Court Both of which Notices were said proven Certified and Doketed to the Honourable D. Sheffey his Councill in full Belief that there would not be the smallest Doubt of the Venues of said Suit being Changed or mov[e]d and that the said Hagar never Rec'd any information Respecting the success of said Applications untill the Day before the last Quarterly Court Held for Grayson that on that Day the said Hagar Being on well an not able as he the said Gaines Did Believe to attend said Court about twenty miles on foot and Carry a Child over mountains after behaveing Been some time such as he Believes was prevailed on