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Hagar: Freedom Suit, Augusta County (Part 8 of 17)

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Wythe County to wit The affidavit of John Johnston taken before me Wm Preston one of the Justices for the said county on the 10th of July 1811 at Mr Fields store in the Town of Evansham between the hours of 11 and 2 oclock in the case.of Hager a woman of colour plt and & Frederick Idle & Robert Crockett Defendants The above Johnson being sworn answereth. Question by Crockett. What is Majr Gaines' Genl Character as a man of truth. -answer- for some years past- I am of opinion he has not conducted him self by no means as a man of truth and this I beleve to be his General Character John Johnston Sworn to and subscribed before me a Justice of the Peace for Wythe County this 10th of July 1811 given from under my hand and seal Wm Preston Jus Peace Wythe County to wit The affidavit of Capt. Andrew Kincammon taken this 10th day of July 1811, at Mr. Field's Store, before me Nathnl Frisbie a Justice of the Peace of sd. County between the hours of 8 & 10 oclock in the forenoon, between Hager a woman of colour plt & Frederick Idle & Robert Crockett Defendants. The sd. Andrew being sworn saith that on the day of the Grayson Court on which it was said that sd. Hager had her trial for freedom with the sd. Idle saw a Negroe woman pass by his house, which his negroes told him was the above mentioned Hager, Whome he believed was the above mentioned Hager Question by Crockett How far do you Live from James Earings where it is said the said Hager resided Ans. about a mile & a half Q. did you know or hear of said Negro Hager being sick about the time of her Trial Ans. no I did not hear of her being sick have you understood the reason why she did not attend her trial I do not know, the reason from my Negroes I understood She got tired & returned back. And Kincanon Junr. Subscribed & sworn to before me this day above Written Nathl Frisbee