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Hagar: Freedom Suit, Augusta County (Part 8 of 17)

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Q. By plts counsel. Was it the action of detinue tried in Montgomery Superior Court between Idle & Gaines for the woman Hagar in which you was denied bail for Gaines Ans. yes. It was commenced in Washington District & afterward sent to Grayson on the Establishment of the Superior Court & from there to Montgomery Superior Court by order of the Judge Q. Was you Denied bail for Gaines in any other case Ans. I don't recollect that I was his penal bail on any other case Q. by Deft Crockett. What is the General Character of Gaines in Wythe & Grayson Counties as a man of truth? Answ. I have never heard any thing against his character as a man of truth, untill lately I have understood that he will do any thing to answer his purposes. Q. by Danl Sheffy. Were those from whom you have heard this, notorious by his Inimies, or were they persons, who stood indifferint with him. Ans. Some were his Inimies, others I do not Know, whether they were or not. Q. by Deft. Have you reason to believe, that those others were his Inimies? No I have not. Given under my hand this 13 of June 1811. John Hanger.