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Hagar: Freedom Suit, Augusta County (Part 8 of 17)

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must be done his wife was very sick and he wanted to go home. Gaines then called up Mrs. Kettering if he had not rented that house, paid the rent and if she had not given him possession.She answered Yes, Gaines then forewarned this affiant from breaking the door open at the risk of this Affiants life, This affiant had a Cane in his hand and walked off perhaps twenty yards to a wood pile stuck down his Cane and Picked up an axe went to the door and demanded of him to open the door. Gaines forbid this Affiant again. This affiant then told him if he did not he would break it open and struck the door with the eye of the axe with intent to scare him, and again demanded him to open he still refused and then this affiant turned the edge of the axe cut the chain in too and went in found Gaines lying flat on his back with his hands hugged across his breast, This Affiant told Gaines that he (Gaines) was his Prisoner, and Gaines asked for this affiants Authority, this Affiant said he had none but he was Special bail for him and he was the Sheriff and he thought that was enough, then Majr Crockett & Mr Idle came in, Mr. Idle took possession of the Negro woman & Crockett took possession of the children & Idle delivered them all to Majr. Crockett & told Majr. Crockett that is your Property, Gaines told the Wench that Majr. Crockett was her Master to go with him that he was a Good master & would cloathe & feed her well & then told Majr. Crockett to send up to Mr. Ewings for her bed & cloaths, Crockett told him if it was his request he would, after that , this Affiant and Gaines had some Conversation about what was to be done, with him, he wanted this affiant to go to Mr Garrocks, this affiant told him he wanted to go home, he would give him up to Majr. Ward & he would go with him and if the Mr. McGavocks would be his security this Afft would still be one. Q. by Robert Crockett, did any Promises, Persuations or threats of mine induce you to break the door? Ansr. None but several times in the Course of the transaction you mentioned that I was between you & danger if I did not save myself that it lay upon me to take Care of myself Q. by same? did I not tell you that I thought you had done right in giving him every Opportunity to give bail Ansr. Yes. Q by same? What was the Colour of the two children? Answer. One appeared to be a Mullatto and the other a negro. Q. by same. Who is generally said to be the father of the yellow child? Ans. I do not know