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Hagar: Freedom Suit, Augusta County (Part 8 of 17)

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In the morning the two Mr. Ewings came Gaines called them to a back Window of the house & had some Private Conversation but when they returned they were disposed not to have anything to do with it. This Afft then asked Gaines what he would do Gaines asked if he would take Captn Newell & wait untill he could send for him the Affiant answered he would, & waited until the Messenger came back and said Captn Newell could not come that he was going from home Gaines then said he had a bond on Majr, Sheffey for $2000. he would give him as Security, but this affiant refused it having heard that Majr Sheffey was his security in a good many cases it was uncertain how much was due on it, then Gaines Proposed Mrs. Kettering & John Jackson who this afft. refused as he was unacquainted with John Jackson & thought Mrs. Kettering was not sufficient, Gaines then mentioned the Mr. McGavocks and asked this affiant if he would wait until he could send for them, this afft refused to wait but told Gaines if he would come out he would go with him to Mr McGavocks and if they would be his security it was well if not he would be so far on his way to Jail, but Gaines refused to do so, this affiant then Proposed that Gaines should deliver up the Negores in Controversy to