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Hagar: Freedom Suit, Augusta County (Part 8 of 17)

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between him (Majr Crockett) and this Affiant this Affiant took his horse and started to Majr. Stephen's under the impression that he could get a bail price from a Magistrate but Stephens was not at home & his wife informed this Affiant that he was at Mrs. Kettering. This affiant then went on to Mr. Painters and there met with Mjr. Crockett, from there we went on to Mrs. Ketterings, we asked Mr. Painter to go along with us to shew us the way which he did On the way from Painters we met with Majr. Ward at Mr. Nuckols's who went on with us to the Widow Ketterings On the way or at Nickols Majr. Ward told this Affiant that he had tried to take Gaines, but could not that he was locked up in a house and it was his Opnion he had the negroes in the house with him, when we got to Mrs. Ketterings the Company divided some went to the house where Ward had seen Gaines and this Affiant and some others went to the Dwelling house of Mrs. Kettering, while this Affiant was talking at Mrs. Kettering's door and enquiring after Gaines Mr. Idle came & told this Affiant that Gaines was in the Corn house, as this Affiant went towards the Corn house he heard Gaines cursing and swearing that he would shoot any one that would come nigh the door Cursing them for Damned rascals, what business had they there for he was well armed. This Affiant then went up to the Door and spoke and Gaines replied, is that you Colo Sanders this Affiant answered it was Gaines said he would not be taken for he understood this Affiant had a Saddlebags full of writs against him This Affiant observed he had seen no such number that he had only seen three And then told Gaines that his business there was to Secure himself as Special bail in a suit between Idle & Gaines, and told him safe this affiant would be before he left that place that this affiant's Opinion was he Gaines was going to run the negroes off and leave this Affiant to pay the money. Gaines Said he did not intend any such thing that he never intended to let any Man Suffer that went Security for him. This affiant then told him it looked very much like it as he had moved all his Property except them negroes out of this State to Tennessee And this Affiant was determined to make himself safe before he left him, This Affiant then Called upon Majr. Stephens for assistance as a Magistrate still thinking that he could get a bail price from a Magistrate, and he Answered he Could not get out being then locked up in the house with Gaines, Gaines then said My dear sir will you take other Security that he Could give any Security and named the two Mr. Ewings who this Affiant agreed to take. Very little more was said untill morning