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"Myrta Locckett Avary" by Faye Royster Tuck.

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6 Her father had moved from "Lombardy Grove" and was living at his country place near Petersburg. Myrta and Doctor Avary had only one son, James Cobin Avary. He was born June 27, 1885, and died June 26, 1886. [Footnote] (14)

Harwood Alexander Lockett, the father of Myrta, said he was born May 6, 1812, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. "Just on the top of the hill north of Skipwith's Ferry, in the house that then stood just at the forks of the roads. One road leading to Royster's Ferry and crossing the Roanoke where the Dan and Staunton rivers unite and form the Roanoke, opposite the town of Clarksville and intersecting the Skipwith Ferry Road, a little north of what was then known as Tarwater's Tavern, while Skipwith's Ferry crossed both rivers through what was called the Thoroughfare. The ferry then belonged to Mrs. Skipwith, who acted as Phillip Lockett's guardian." Phillip Lockett , Myrta's grandfather, was born circa 1787 and was the son of Abner Lockett and Phoebe Ann Marshall of Powhatan County, Virginia. [Footnote] (15) An agreement was made August 25, 1777, between Peyton Skipwith of the county of Mecklenburg and Abner Lockett of Powhatan County, Virginia. "Fully settled by cash payment and bond hath sold unto Abner Lockett, one certain tract or parcel of land, being a part of the tract that Peyton Skipwith now lives." Part of this land was covered by Skipwith's Bluestone mill pond. The old Lockett place in Mecklenburg County extended from near Marshallsville to Skipwith's. [Footnote] (16) The Lockett Plantation joined Col. William Marshall's land on Bluestone. Col. William Marshall and son William Bennett Marshall had a store and there was a Postoffice established at Marshallsville, Virginia, in 1801. Col. William Marshall and Francis (Frank) Lockett moved to Henderson County, Kentucky, in 1810. Col. William Marshall was Myrta's great-grandmother's brother. [Footnote] (17)

Myrta Lockett Avary's great aunt, Phoebe Lockett, married Scarborough Penticost, February 18, 1790, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. "Aunt Phoebe moved to Kentucky and from there to Ohio, and the last the family heard of her she was 104 years old, had her third set of teeth and could see to thread a cambric needle. Her two sons, Scarborough and Hugh Penticost, were