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Needlework Guild of America Minutes (Portsmouth, Virginia) page 167

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GARMENT REPORT NAME Men / Boys Bathrobes Caps, Hats Coats, Jackets Gloves, Mittens, Wristlets (pr) Handkerchiefs Neckties Nightwear Scarves Shirts, Outside Shirts, Polo Shoes, Slippers (pr) Socks (pr) Sweaters Trousers, Dungarees Underwear, Pants, Shorts Undershirts Union Suits TOTAL:

Women / Girls Aprons Bathrobes, Bed Jackets Blouses Caps, Hats Coats, Jackets Dresses, Smocks Girdles, Bras Gloves, Mittens (pr) Handkerchiefs Nightwear Overshoes, Galoshes (pr) Panties, Snuggies Scarves, Shawls Shoes, Slippers (pr) Skirts Slacks, Shorts, Dungarees Slips, Petticoats Snow Suits, Ski Pants Socks, Stockings (pr) Sweaters Undervests Union Shirts TOTAL:

Children 2-6 / Infants Bands Bathrobes Bibs 3 Blankets, Wrapping Blouses Bootees (pr) Caps Coats, Snow Suits Diapers Dresses, 1 pc. Suits Gloves, Mittens (pr) Nightwear 1 Panties, Soakers Sacks Shoes, Slippers (pr) Slips Socks, Stockings (pr) Sweaters Toys, Sewed & Washable Trousers, Dungarees Undershirts 2 Wrappers 1 TOTAL: 7

Household Afgans, Quilts Blankets, Bed Blankets, Crib Dishcloths Hospital Gowns & Sewed Supplies Pads, Bed Pads, Crib Pillow Cases 44 Sheets, Bed 5 Sheets, Crib Sheets, Rubber Tablecloths Table Napkins Towels, Bath 9 Towels, Hand 16 Towels, Dish 66 Washcloths 13 Quilts TOTAL: 153

Disposable articles (paper, etc.) do not count. Dresses and Suits, count each piece. Pajamas, count as 1. Where (pr) occurs, count as 1. Blankets, single, count as 1: double length, count as 2. Quilts -- Double, count as 16 Twin, count as 8 Crib, count as 4

SUMMARY: No. of Garments: Men Boys Women Girls Children 2-6 Infants 7 Household 153 TOTAL NUMBER: 160