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Needlework Guild of America Minutes (Portsmouth, Virginia) page 93

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The Needlework Guild of America Minute Sheet March 12, 1952 The annual meeting of the Portsmouth Branch of the Needlework Guild of America was held at the home of it's former president Mrs. Kenneth McAlpine with the new president, Mrs. R. R. Beaton presiding. Ten members were present. Mrs. Etheridge read the minutes in the absence of Mrs. T. Elmore Jones, the secretary. Mrs. Beaton read the annual report of the national organization and gave a summary of that work from 1885-1950 in which period 60,941,521 articles have been collected and distributed to various charities throughout the United States. At the 1951 annual meeting there was the largest attendance ever on record and the young people are evincing an interest in the work. In 1885 at it's earliest report 900 articles were collected. In 1940 there were 2,000,000 peak year - and in 1951-1,271,662. 62,132,168 total. The English Guild has carried on in spite of great odds - rationing, shortages and queues. New by-laws have been adopted by the Needlework Guild of America: Each branch to be responsible for $1.00 from each director. Each section is supposed to have five directors. Mrs. Edgar Brown is to be made a section director. Letters were read from organizations receiving gifts from the Guild. The Treasurer reported a balance of $45.57 plus $2.00 received on day of meeting. Receipts for 1951 were $55.50 + 60.07 old balance collected at May 1951 ingathering. Disbursements $20.00 to national organization - $50.00 to Social Service Bureau for shoes - new balance $47.57