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Needlework Guild of America Minutes (Portsmouth, Virginia) page 47

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The Needlework Guild of America Minute Sheet

in 1934. In 1885 the Needlework Guild was begun in the United States at Philadelphia; in 1903 the first Junior Division was started in Philadelphia; in 1907 the Guild affiliated with the Red Cross and in 1909 the Labrador Relief Work was begun. The election of officers then took place and the following were elected: - President - Mrs. Kenneth McAlpine Vice " Mrs. L McK. Jack Treasurer - Miss Pauline Williams Secretary - Mrs. Robt. R. Beaton Custodian - Mrs. J.D. Collins It was decided to hold the annual exhibit May 14 or 16th, on which ever date the Court Street Baptist lecture room could be secured. Those present at this meeting were Mrs. L. McK. Jack, Mrs. Wallace Cooke, Mrs. Crone, Mrs. Heafner, Mrs. Culpepper, Mrs. Nebelung, Mrs. Emmerson Smith, Mrs. McAlpine, Mrs. Beaton; Misses Mary Jack and Jane Boyd Neely. The following is a report of the collection and distribution of articles for 1935 [at right, circled] 1691 12 sections - 1402 Colored Division - 289 Distribution:- 1691 City Board of Health - 124 Family Service - 135 Home for Aged - 144 Helping Hand Mission - 117 King's Daughter's Hospital - 418 Kiwanis Fresh Air Farm - 85 Miller Day Nursery - 69 Portsmouth Orphanage - 59 Salvation Army - 45 Reserve - 206 [Total] 1402