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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 29

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190 heyres or ass or by his or theyr Learned Concett in the law shall hereafter be devised advised or required. In Wittnes wherof the sd Thomas Williamson hath hereunto Sett his hand and seale the day and year abovewritten. [right aligned] Thomas TW Williamson [seale] seale

Signed sealed and dellivered in the pnce of Danll Johnson Richard R Gower, John Ridley

The afforsd Thomas Williamson personally appeared in Court and acknowledged this Deed unto the sd William Byrd Esq[ue]. the third day of Aprill 1694. Test James Minge Cl Cur.

And at the Same time the wife of the sd Williamson Relinquished her Right of dower off in or to the sd Land being first examined by the Justices. Test James Minge Cl Cur.

Ordered that this Deed thus acknowledged be Recorded (vid book of Orders.) Test. James Minge Cl Cur.

Heer Recorded accordingly P James Minge Cl Cur. Aprill. 3°. 1694

On the back of this deed it is thus Endorsed. Memorandum That on this day being the third day of Aprill Anno Doni 1694 Livery and seisin was given by dellivery of turf and twig of the with menconed Land to ye use of William Byrd Esq[ue] by the within named Tho: Williamson in pnce of us the Subscribers. Wm. Randolph, Tho Cocke James Cocke.

An Inventory of the estate of Mr Josias Clark taken and aprized by us heer Subscribed.

[three right hand columns headed] li s d 19 books in folio 9li: 10s: 0d/ 13 Quartoes 3li: / a parcell of Octavo & Duodecimo 2li:10s. L 15 00 00 a pair of gold scales a standish and 2 Rules L 00 05 00 a silver Spoon 8s & issue plate / 3 Razors 1 hone 5s a parcell of trumpery L 00 13 00 a pr. mens falls 5s / A feather bed bolster 2 pillows and a Quilt 5li L 05 05 00 2 pr. wt thred stockins 4s / 4 holl shirts 2li:00:00 / 9 Cours Napkins 9s 1 dyaper 1s L 02 14 00 1 dyapar Napkin 2 bundles of bands in all 30 / 15s. / 4 pr. black wosted hose 12s L 01 07 00 2 Old Wigs 10s/ 1 pr. holl Sheets & 2 pr pillowbers [pillow case] 1 l. 10s. L 02 00 00 3 hatt bands 2 gross whit buttons L 00 04 00 3 Old black silk Coats / 2 old broad cloth cotes / 1 broadcloth wascoat & breeches 5 ^ ells Canvas L 02 05 06 1 pr boots & Spurs 20s / one Old bevor [beaver] hatt 15s / two Gounds [gowns] of fine cloth. 8li. L 09 15 00 1 silk Sash / 35s 1 pinkt lutestring Sash / 1 Silk bl Casack 1 pr breeches 20s. L 02 15 00 1 pr. Silver bukles & 2 setts of buttons L 00 05 00 1 Cloth Cote 20s / A wigg 20s / one Old Cours Canvas Tick 10s L 02 10 00 A portmantle chain lock and key 5s / an Old chamber pott one old dish one old Tea pott L 00 08 00 A Silver headed cane L 00 05 00 [total] 45 11 06

In Complyance with an Order of Charles Citty County Court bearing date the fourth day of Decemb last past wherin we the Subscribers were requested and assigned to aprize Such of the estate of Josias Clark decd as was brought before us we have accordingly mett at the house of the Honbl William Byrd Esq[ue] and have made this aprisement abovemenconed amounting to forty five pounds elleven shillings Six pence as wittnes our hands this 12° day of Xbr. 1693 [right aligned] Dani LLuellin [right aligned] Charles Goodrich.

This foregoing Inventory was given into Court uppon the Oath of William Byrd Esq[ue] the 3°. Aprill. 1694. And Ordered to be Recorded. Test James Minge Cl Cur.

Recorded heer accordingly P James Minge Cl Cur. Aprill 3 1694

Know all men by thes pnts. That I Ann Harris of the parrish of Wynoke in the County of Charles Citty County Widdow for and in Consideracon of the naturall love and affection I bear unto my Grandson William Tyler have given granted and by thes pnts doe give and grant unto my sd Grandson the possession and use of one good featherbed and furniture one yew and yew lamb with the female increase. and my Negro boy Called Mina for and dureing his naturall life And after his decease then