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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 26

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187 parts viz. between my wife, my son John and my son Drury Stith. And wheras since the makeing my sd Will. uppon the marriage of my son Drury I have given and dellivered to my sd sonn his full third part of my personall estate and made over the plantacon given him by my Will. And I being now sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to Allmighty God. To the end these may be noe dispute about the same. I doe hereby Declare that soe much of my sayd Will as relates to my sd son Drury is already Satisfyed out of my estate: And therfore my Will and desire is that the remaining part of my estate after my Legacies payd Shall be divided in two parts between my dear wife and my son John. And my son Johns books and accompts will make out what is his perticular estate or the Concerns of any others. Wittnes my hand and seale this 3° day of October. 1693 [right aligned] John Stith [seal] seale.

Signed and sealed in pnce of William Cole. John Jones Thomas Grig.

On the back of this Codecill this was Endorsed viz. I am Satisfyed with the within writeing Drury Stith Octob. 3. 1693

[right aligned] Proved in Court by the Oathes of John Jones & Thomas Grig. the third day of Aprill. 1694. And Ordered it be recorded. Test. James Minge Cl Cur And it is heer Recorded accordingly Aprill. 3. 1694 P James Minge Cl Cur.

Know all men by thes pnts that I William Harrison of Charles Citty County and parish of Wynoke. doe hereby for me my heyres Execrs and Admrs freely and absolutly give grant assigne convey and make over unto my Brother James Harrison a certein Tract or parcell of Land scittuate lying and being in the County and parish afforsd esteemated att One hundred acres more or les and bounding as followeth. begining att ye mouth of a bottom on the West side therof Called the Hogg bottom And runing upp the sd bottom to a line of Markt trees to a shrubby white oke in the fork of the sd Bottom: And thence along the sd Marks to a Hicory tree markt four waies uppon the North side of the road that leads from mine the sd Wm Harrisons house to Mr Hardimans Mill which sd Hicory is about six foot to the westward of the sd line of markt trees. And thence along the sd Road at the South end and up the Reedy run at the North end untill it Comes to Thomas Busbys line. Which sd parcell of land I the sd William Harrison doe give grant and make over unto the afforsd James Harrison and the heyrs of his body lawfully begotten. Allwayes provided and it is the true intent and meaning of thes pnts that whensoever the sd James Harrison and the lawfull heyrs of his body shall be extinct the sd land hereby made over shall be remain and descend to me the sd William Harrison and my next heyre at law And to all the giufts grants and Assignmts above recited I the sd William Harrison have sett my hand and seal this second day of Aprill 1694 Sealed and dd in pnce of James Minge Charles Holdsworth Wm Harrison [seal] seale

William Harrison afforsd in Open Court acknowledged this Deed unto his brother James Harrison Aprill 3 1694 Test James Minge Cl Cur And Ordered that this deed be recorded. Test JM Cl Cur And it is heer Recorded accordingly p James Minge Cl Cur

Know all men by thes pnts That I Martha Sutton of Charles Citty County doe hereby Nominate constitute and apoynt Henry Harmon of the same County my lone and Lawfull Attorney in my name and for my use to aske demand & receive all debts due to me as Executrix of my late husband William Sutton decd by bills bonds accompts book debts or otherwaies wch are due to me in ye quallity afforsd: And in Case of non paymt to sue and implead any person or persons in my Suite as I am quallifyed as afforsd as alsoe to reply to any suite or suites brought against me in any Court of Record in Virga: as witnes my hand & seal this 30 March 1694 Martha M Sutton [seal] seale

Signed sealed & dd in pnce of Thomas Cotten.

Ordered Aprill. 4°. 1694 That this Letter of Attorny prooved in open Court by the oath of Thomas Cotten be Recorded Test James Minge Cl Cur.

Recorded accordingly. Ap. 4. 1694 P JM Cl Cur.