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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 23

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184 receiving selling compounding arbitrating bartering disposeing recording and finally discharging, in Judgment, Court and without to doe say contract and accomplish all and what soever I my self might or Could doe if personally present; Altho the matter required more speciall authority then herein is comprised, I the sd Edward Chilton hereby promissing and obliging my self my heyres Executrs and admrs to hold and ratify for good and vallid whatsoever my sd Attorney or his substitutes shall lawfully doe or procure to be done in and about the prmises by virtue of thes pnts. In Witnes wherof I have hereunto put my hand and seale this eighth day of January anno Domini 1693/4 [right aligned] E Chilton [seal] seale

[left aligned] Sealed and dellivered in pnce of us. John Taylor Barth. Fowler Richd Taylor

Aprill 3° 1694 [right aligned] Prooved in Court by the Oathes of John Taylor Barth: Fowler and Richard Taylor. And Ordered to be Recorded. Test. James Minge Cl Cur.

Recorded accordingly. Aprill 3° 1694 P James Minge Cl Cur.

By this publiq[ue] Instrument of Procuracon or Letter of Atorney be it known and manifest unto all people that on the second day of ffebruary In the fourth yeare of the Reigne of William and Mary King Queen of England &ca Before me Porten Paul notary Tabellian Publick legaly admitted Sworne dwelling in London And in the pnce of the wittnesses hereunder subscribed Personally appeared Henry Dennis of London merchant to me notary well knowne who hath made ordained constituted deputed and appointed as by thes pnts ^ he doth make ordaine constitute depute and appoynt Capt: Cristofer Morgan master of the ship called the Perry and Layne now bound for James River in Virginia to be his true and lawfull attorny Giveing and by thes pnts Granting unto his saide attorny full power an Lawfull athority for him constituant an in his name and to his use and behoofe To aske demande recover and receive of and from Richard Bradford Planter in James River of his heires Executrs Admrs goods and estate. All ^ such Sums of mony good Tobaccoes Effects and things whatsoever which the saide Richard Bradford is oweing and indebted or hath in his hands Costody or possesion due oweing belonging and appertaineing unto the saide Constituant Bee itt by bond bill accompt promise contract consignement or otherwise howsoever nothing Excepted nor reserved with power to settle adjuste and ballance accompts Compound Concludes and agree all defferenceons Uppon recept to give acquittences discharges in due forme, and if need bee to appeare in any Court or Courts and before all Lords judges and justices there to answere deffend and reply in all mattes and all Causes touching or Concerning the premises To doe say persue seise arrest atteach imprison and to condemne and outt of Prison againe to diliver and Generally to use all Lawfull wayes and meanes for recovery of the premysies as fully and amply to all intentes purposes as the constituant himself might could doe if personally present with power to substitute one or more Attornneys under his.