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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 10

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157 Surrendered in Court of Charles Citty County the fifth day of June 1693 by Francis Ledbetter afforsd. Test. James Minge Cl Cur. This Deed of Ledbetters thus acknowledged is enrold by Comand of the Justices June 5th 1693 James Minge Cl Cur.

Seale of the Colony To all to whom &c. I ffrancis Nicholson Esq &c. Now know ye that I the sd Francis Nicholson &c give and grant unto Hugh Lee senr. and John Barlow a tract of land cont five hundred and thirty acres lyeing and being in the County of Charles Citty and in the parrish of Jordans viz begining at a corner Hicory of the sd Lees Old lands and runeth thence south sixty six pole to a corner white oke thence East three hundred sixty eight pole to a corner black oke thence Southeast and by east seaventy three pole to a Corner black oke thence So:east and by So: one hundred & eleven pole to a corner white oke thence East half North one hundred and twelve pole to a corner white oke thence South east seventy six pole to a corner ashtree :standing in Ashen branch / thence down that branch as it trendeth to the mouth to a corner Elm then No: No: East. twenty six pole to a corner white oke then No: W: by N, one hundred and fourteen pole to a corner black oke: thence WNW ninty pole to a corner Pyne thence N [?] W forty pole to a black oke thence NW by W one hundred twenty two pole to a Corner Pine. thence S:S:W on John Smith line & Crossing the second Swamp one hundred & ten pole to his corner. thence on his line and Lee's West four hundred and six pole to the place it begun. The sd Land being due unto the sd Lee and Barlow by and for the importation of Eleven p[er]sens. &c. Given under my hand and seale of the Colony the 29th Aprill.1692 ffr: Nicholson

On this Patent was endorsed thus. Know all men that Hugh Lee and John Barlow do by these pnts grant and Assigne unto William Pryce for the consideration of five shill. in hand recd of him all the right title, interest, estate, and demand wtsoever of them the sd Barlow and Lee off in and to the lands granted them by this patent and every part and parcell therof and all its rights members & apurnmts [appurtenances] to have & to hold to him the sd Wm Pryce his heyrs & Ass[igns] for ever in as ample maner as they the sd Lee & Barlow might ought or could enjoy the same by virtue of this sd Patent. Witnes our hands and seales this 5. June. 1693 John X Barloe (seale) Hugh Lee (seale)

Memoed. That uppon the fifth day of June 1693 personall appeared in Court of Charles Citty Count. the afforsd Hugh Lee and John Barlow with thes Letters patent in their hands and then and ther did acknowledg this deed of Assignm. on the sd Letters Patent endorsed unto the sd Wm Price. Test. James Minge Cl Cur

This Deed thus acknowledged is enroled by Comand of the Justices. Test. James Minge Cl Cur. June 5 1693

The wife of Hugh Lee being first examined by the justices relinquisheth her right of Dower of and in the sd lands Test. James Minge Cl Cur.

Ann the wife of John Barlo: by James Thweat her atturny relinquisheth her right and title of Dower of and in the sd lands Test James Minge Cl Cur

This Lett of Atorny prooved by the oath of Tho: Vinson is comitted to Record by comand of the Justices. June 5th 1693

Be it known unto all men by these pnts That I, Ann Barloe the wife of John Barloe of Charles City Cont. doe constitute authorize and apoynt, nominate and in my name and stead put James Thweat my lawfull atturny to acknowledg in the open Court for Charles City Count. my right of Dower unto William Pryce his heyrs and Ass of and in and unto a joynt patent of land taken upp by Hugh Lee and my sd husband cont. five hundred and more acres of land. And doe by thes pnts ratify & confirm wtsoever my sd Att. shall act for the relinquishing my right of Dower as afforsd. witnes my hand and seale this 2 June 1693 An A Barloe (seal) Signed sealed and dd in pnce of Henry Batt Thos: Vinson Recorded P JM Cl Cur.