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The Hand Shake, Vol 1, No. 14

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THE HAND SHAKE 7:30 SHARP LAURENCE WILKINSON EDITOR Published Weekly By The Polygon Club Vol. I Portsmouth, Va., June 14, 1937 NO. 14

Election of New Officers Next Week Hear Ye! Hear Ye! One and all. The time is upon us when we must make a big decision - for it is a big one, and each and every member should be interested enough to submit nominations - There are eight offices to fill and surely we want our good work continued. These offices are President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and three members of the Board of Directors. We have until Tuesday night June 15th to present our nominations so let's all do this.

Entertainment Committee Meets This Committee, it is understood, has met once or twice since last Tuesday night, and among things settled were that next Tuesday night, June 15th would be the deadline for the payment of the $2.00 in connection with June Night - also that Tuesday night would be the deadline for the names of all the fellows' dates to be turned in. The Committee states that it will be necessary for them to know will be necessary for them to know the names of the girls we are bringing so that they can complete plans for the dance - please let them know.

The Chairman of the Program Committee has advised that next week's meeting will contain a talk by a brother of one of our former members. Mr. Douglas Mathews will speak to us on the National Youth Program and we are all urged to be in attendance as the subject is one of real interest and rarity.

Another of our members has joined the married ranks and the Club wished the two of them all the happiness and success in their newly formed life. A former member, Edward Garris, was in town for the wedding.

Bowling Team Captures Civic League Championship Do we have a bowling team, or do we? This editor is informed that there was some real exhibition of knocking the ole' pins for a "loop". The team won three out of five games from the Lions Club last Wednesday night, winning the first, third and fifth games to put them in line for a playoff in next Monday night's session which will then determine the City's best bowling team. Monday night's games will commence at 7:30 sharp and all the Club should be down there at all the Club should be down there at the Hines' bowling alleys to cheer them to victory - here's to the team. We have all confidence in you.

As stated in last week's issue of this paper - Major's term can be caught and frankly it looks as if a last minute challenge by Jackson's team is going to do the trick - Major lost four points to Jackson's team and who knows what may be the showing from on - however, the standings are as follows: Major's team - 550 points Jackson's team - 528 " Vaughan's " - 489 " Incidentally, there is one less for those in running for the hat to contend with - too bad, Warren! Eight are still in the running.

Since we are having our big affair this month, there will, of course be no dinner for this particular month.

For the Club's information, the reason for our President's absence last Tuesday night was occasioned by his being sick - we all hope you are all right, Mr. Pace, and will be with us at our regular meeting next Tuesday night.

The object of the Polygon Club is to encourage and promote service, health, fellowship, education and progress among the members and in the community in an atmosphere of Christian living.