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Letter of George Robinson, 1695 May 6.

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Henrico County May 6 - 95

May it please your Excell:

The last time I had the honour to wait upon yor [your] Excell. I inform'd you that there was a little controversy between our Vestry-men & me about our Church ^ glebe to which I claim a peculiar right, they on the contrary pretending that only an inducted Minister has just title thereto. But methinks 'tis a little hard that Clergymen conversant about so sacred a function should not onely be year by year hired by their parishioners assuming to themselves the liberty of determining ye quantity of their Salaries, but also for want of this induction be debarr'd from the possession of their glebes at first devoted to so pious an use as the maintenance of the Ministers, this (if connived at) is no great incouragement for divines of any note or spirit to live here. Therefore I humbly begg yor Ex. that the business of the glebes, but especially mine in particular, may ^ now be taken into consideration in order to the rectifying thereof, for I I leave it wholly to your Excell. disposal to be determined in favour of either side as yor Ex shall think fit: And truely it is not any profite yt may accrue to me by this glebe that I regard, so much as the bad president this instance may be ^ to oyr parishes to the prejudice of my brethren in ye ministery who interess themselves herein. Now that God may ever bless prosper & preserve your Exc: in ^ all your undertakings will always be the cordial prayer of

May it please yor Excell. Your Ex.: most humble & most devoted Servant Geo. Robinson