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Depositions of Henry Wriothesley and others, 1696 Sept. 22.

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That Alex : Lumley o Ann Aruyndell County Gentn being Engaged abt his own private business in ye City of Annapolis in he sd County and Mr. Ridgly did invite he sd Lumley to come into one Mrs. Proctors house to drink with him which he sd Lumley did accordingly & then & there mett with a person to him he sd Lumley then unknown but he sd Lumley being accosted by him he sd unknown person In an unusuall dielect did inquire of Mr. Ridgly what his name was the sd Ridgly told him yt ye sd persons name was Cood with ye addition of Coll : upon wch he sd Lumley was more attentive to him ye sd Coods discourse & in a small [illegible] afterwards yte sd Cood told ye sd Lumley yt it was pitty he should be a Papist,tho: he thought all religion to be a sham & yt there never was any such person as Jesus Christ ye son of God upon Earth, Where =upon he sd Lumley being astonished at the Blasphemy Replyed yt there were great reasons both internall & Externall to believe ye Divinity of our Saviour & cited a text out of Sr. Pauls Epistles, & then ye sd Cood fell into an argumt: abt he possibility of God Almigh ty's Genrateing a son & & when he was [illegible] abt ye different wayes [most of line illegible] sd St. Paul was an Important fellow & he did not believe one word [illegible], All Religion consistes in Tullies [?] Offices. Sept 22th 1696. Then came he within named * Test Alex : Lumley The Deposition of Rich Beard of ye port of Annapolis aged fforty four yeares or thereabouts. This Depont sayth That abt three weeks agoe being in Company with Mr. John Cood of St. Maries County at Mr. Rich: Spournes house within ye port of [illegible] the sd Cood (after some discourse passed betwixt them) asked ye Depont whether he never read in Scripture yt Christ turned servall Devils out of several women, & another person standing by said, Yes, he [turned?] seaven out of Mary Magdalen, whereupon Cood answered with an oath, saying, by God, it was all lies, for yt ye Devill never was in wo =man & therefore could not turn any out : & further saith not. September ye 22th 1696. Then came ye above Depont before his Exncy in Councill & made Oath upon ye holy Evangelist yt ye above Deposition is true. Hen. Benton [illegible] [Along the side of the page is this: Alex : Lumley before his Exncy in Councill who made Oath upon ye holy Evangelist to ye truth of ye within mentioned [bracket] Hen. Benton [illegible]