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Bond of James Hornby and Joseph Robinson, 1693 Dec. 10.

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Accomack: Ss Know all [men by] these presents that Wee James Hornby Comander of this Ship Morning Starr of [Leverpll?] and Joseph Robinson of Accomack County Virg'a doe acknowledge [far?] [illegible] to owe and stand indebted unto our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and Mary, King and Queen of England & in the full and just sume of one thous:d pounds of Lawfull money of England to be paid to thier said Majesties their Heires, and Successors on demand wch payment well and truly to be made and done wee bind our Selves Joyntly and Severally our Joynt and Severall Heirs Execu:rs and adm:trs as alsoe the above named Shipp with all her gunns, Takle, Ammunition, Apparrell, and Furniture firmly by these presents signed with our hands and sealed with our Seales this 19th day of x:ber [December] anno Dom: 1693

The Condition of the above written Obligation is Such that if the above bound James Hornby. . . . Shall before the departure of the above Said Ship be out of this District in thier Majesties Colloney of Virginia deliver unto ye Collector for the Said District or unto his Deputy a true and Just acco:t upon oath of all such Tobacco as shall be Laden and taken on board the Said Ship for this present voyage, and if also he shall not depart untill payment be made of all Just dues and particularly of the one penny: [pd] unto the Said Collector, for all Tobacco for w'ch Bond Shall not be first given to carry the Same to some port in England, Wales, Or Town of Berwich upon Tweed And to noe other place, and if after being Clear'd as aforesaid there Shall not be taken on board the Said Ship for this present voyage any more Tobacco either with this District or any other place whatsoever without Entring and [Cleareing] with the Navall Officer and [Collector] in whose District Such Tobacco shall be taken on, And Generally if he Shall duely observe and perform what by the Several Acts for Trade and Navigation is required to be done, then this Obligation Shall be void and of none effect otherwise to stand remain and be in full force power and virtue. Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of uss} Ja: Hornby [black seal after name] Jos: Robinson [black seal after name]