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Account of Edward Randolph, 1693 May 9.

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An Acct. of Severall impressed by Vertue of a Warrant from Mr Joseph Robinson in order to ye Accomodating Edward Randolph Esquire in his Voyadge to James Citty May ye 9° 1693

Impr. To 11 lb of dryd beiff at 4l. p[er] lb. - - 44 To 24 lb. of Bacon at 4l. p[er] lb - - 96 To a bu: wheat ground down - - 50 To a fat weather - 150 To [illegible] lb of butter [illegible] lb ye pot - - 64 To one bottle of Rumm - - 20 To Capt Jenifers men and Cart to carry things down to ye landing as beding water provisions &c - 100 To Summon Sebat: de Lastatias & Capt Parker p[er] order from Coll. Scarburgh - - 20 To Summon Tho: Bushell and Edward Parker p[er] ditto order - - 20 To impressing a Sloop and 2 hands &c. 100 [in left margin] May 10° 93 To a Sloope Appraised According to Law at 50 p[er] diem being [illegible] upon ye Voyadge Valud [14000?] 750 To my Officer impressing provision & Attendance [illegible] 150 To 2 mens wages to sayle ye Sloope from May ye 11° to may ye 26 at 15 p[er] diem as ye Law directeth 450 To a man and horss impressed and sent 40 mile to summon Edward Parker tho found him not To 2 horses impressed & one man for ye carrying Edward Randolph Esquire to Coll Scarburghs being 2 120 To indian meale about 2 pecks - -12 To Mr. William Anderson his committmt - - 20 [3 words in Greek in left margin] To my Attendance upon him to James Citty from May the 11° to May ye 28° at 100 p[er] diem all that tyme as p[er] prcpt from ye honble Ralph Wormley Esquire: Summa 3960 Error excepted p[er] me Thomas Welburne sher. The charge concerning Mr Anderson is not allowed