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Indictment of Gerrard Slye, 1698 June 2.

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[in pencil] (June 2, 1698)

Maryland Ss / The Jurors of our Soveraigne Lord ye King for ye body of this Province Upon their Oathes doe present Gerrard Slye late of St. Maryes County Mercht. for that whereas by a certaine Act of Assembly of this Province made at a Genll Assembly begunn and held at ye Citty of St. Maryes ye tenth day of May in ye Yeare of our Lord 1692 Entituled an Act agt Divulgers of false news among other things it is therein Contained that whosoever after ye passing ye Sd Act Should malitiously and Advisedly by writing Speaking or otherwise Express publish Utter or declare any words Sentences or other thing or things to ye Defaming or Scandl of their Majties Governr or Comandr in Chief for ye time being & thereof leagally Convict; Shall be Imprisoned Six months without bayle or Maineprise And incurr Such forfeiture as ye Justices before whom Such matter is tryed Shall Adjudge not Exceeding ye Sume of Tenn thousand pounds of Tobo to our Soveraigne Lord and Lady ye King and Queen, their heires and Successors for ye Support of Governmt as by ye Sd Act yett in full force and Unrepealed more at large appeareth: That notwith Standing wch ye Sd Gerrard Sly Malitiously and Advisedly contriveing & Designing [to?] Scandalize & Defame his Excy ffrancis Nicholson Esqr his Majties Governr and Comandr in Chief of this province as well to divers his Majties good Subjects of this Province Inhabitting therein as to divers Merchants trading into ye Same at Divers dayes and times and to divers p[er]sons these defamatory and Scandalous words and Speeches by way of writing & Speaking of and Concerning ye Said Governr and Comandr in Chief Malitiously and Advisedly did Write Express publish Utter or declare that is to say on ye 30th day of May in ye Yeare of our Lord 1697 at James River that is to Say at Petuxent in St. Maryes County having Comunicacon ^ wth Divers Merchants and other traders into this Province these false Defamatory and Scandulous words of and Concerning ye Said Governr & Comand in Chief did publish Speak and Utter that is to say his Exy ffrancis Nicholson Esqr (ye Sd Governr Meaning) Kept Lers which came in Thomas Lurtin and other Ships & concealed them (ye said Lers Meaning) for Sometime and broake them The

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