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"Jessie Townsend papers (folder 2 of 2)", Item 005

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all of this is true no one denies it until we reach the - last four lines which contain words that are an out and out slander of the women in 12 of our U.S. &, in Alaska, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia and elsewhere where women are voting today as well as the women working in the Suffrage Leagues of other states to get the vote. It is slandering such women as Jane Addams, Julia Lathrop, Margaret Beman Davis, and hosts of others who have given to the world the noblest & purest of characters & self sacrificing service and also have spoken in favor of votes for women on the lecture platform. Many devoting their whole lives to the cause. It is slandering thousands of women here in Va, even that splendid type of culture, refinement and womanly virtues, the leader of the class of women in Va who want the vote, Mrs B. B. Valentine of Richmond. Mrs Dodge's sweeping scurrilous classifying of suffragists is either an evidence of her ignorance or her venom of tongue. Everyone knows that it is only the true woman and the highest type of woman who can refine the atmosphere of a camp or a parlor. There are some women whose presence in camp or parlor is not elevating, but otherwise. The female politician is no better than the male. These sentences are simply platitudes that no one denies and argue nothing unless she means to infer that all suffragists are female politicians. But how does a woman, at her best, influence man so strongly? Is it not by her womanly virtues, by the attributes of her sex, which he recognizes are superior to those of his own? No woman elevates a man until he forms an exalted idea of her station. station? "an exalted idea of her station? If she had said character, I grant it, but station? does she men the unenfranchised? Queer thing, how a man who would fight for his own enfranchisement could have an exalted idea of a station of disfranchisement! The suffragists exactly reverse this fundamental principle. They plead for "equality" with men. They assume that men are their superiors, and desire to gt their "rights." Here again is ignorance displayed. Suffragists have made it plain enough for no one to misunderstand that they assume no superiority of either sex, but declaring their fundamental inherent differences ask for equality of opportunity for self expression & self development. Equal rights, equal chance, equal pay for equal work! Men Endowed With Sufficient Egotism Men are already endowed with sufficient egotism. There is no need of giving them the idea that their greater physical strength is a more important Nice slap at the men! but where's the point-does it take physical strength to vote? if so, there are more women than men (judging from the size) in Norfolk who should vote and if women have the greater spiritual development why will not her presence & her ballot help to purify politics?