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[ mathematic equation handwritten at top of page]120189).03 (1,500 3/12 12 60 50 0.0.3 What the Work of the National Association Has Cost During the Past Year General Organization Work Pay Roll $5,422.96 Rent 1,800.03 Postage and Telegram 386.03 Telephone 123.31 Convention and Parade Expense 760.80 Office Supplies 397.52 Miscellaneous 2,410.31 Total 11,300.96

Press Bureau Pay Roll $2,175.37 Rent 600.00 Postage, Supplies, Telephone 343.30 Press Service and Clippings 231.78 Miscellaneous 291.88 Total $3,642.33

Direct Contributions of Cash and Literature to Campaign Ohio 14.45 Michigan 904.22 Arizona 3.35 Kansas 68.35 S. Dakota 100.00 Oregon 2.70 Nevada 500.00 Nebraska 29.02 Literature 100,00 Total $1,722.09

Field Secretary (For nine months) Salary $900.00 Expenses 677.22 Total $1577.22

Literature and Supplies Pay Roll $3,553.33 Rent 1,200.00 Printing 3,048.74 Supplies and Purchases 3,064,39 Freight and Express 306.40 Postage and Advertising 717.32 Miscellaneous 467.60 Total Cost $12,357.78 Total Receipts from Sales $10,797.95 Unsold Stock 4,050.82 Uncollected Bills 1,551.12 Total Receipts $16,399.89 DEDUCT: Decrease in stock during year 4,042.11 Net Loss $34.07 Free Literature given to Life and Associate Members, $143.74 [writing in left hand margin] Arguments & results History A New fashioned argument

[In handwriting along right margin: Mrs. C. Pendleton American Marion Va Takes a crank to make the world go round ]

Receipts and Expenditures Receipts Annual Pledges at Philadelphia Convention, November, 1912 $.5.761.61 Members' Dues, 1912 145.85 Members' Dues, 1913 5,032.25 Receipts Carnegie Hall Meeting 6,696.71 General Donations 2,971.03 Restricted Donations 3,309.12 Ways and Means Committee 3,415.22 Literature Sales 10,797.95 Miscellaneous 607.48 Total $38.737.32

Expenditures Headquarters General Expenses $11,300.96 Literature 12,357.78 Press Bureau 3,642.33 Woman's Journal bills paid 4,842.15 National Association bills paid for 1912 322.96 Field Secretary (9 months) Miss Rankin 1,577.22 Official Board 360.34 Campaigns 1,622.09 Ways and Means 1,585.12 Total $37.610.95

[handwritten note in middle of page: The more strong-minded you are an the more you need to powder your nose.]

Ways and Means Committee Report Expenses Printing $469.25 Postage 438.07 Clerical Work 536.53 Field Collector 103.00 Miscellaneous 38.27 Total $1,585.12

Receipts Contributions from Yellow appeals and those received by Members of the Ways and Means Committee $3,415.22 Total $3,415.22 Balance $1,829.10

[handwritten note in bottom margin] bills passed in 10 {?} If we were [pat?] with ballot we would be unworthy of [illegible?] merged in Human Movement. Locomotive stoned gutter & sidewalk legislation limps Womans point of view into legis self greatest living authorities grocers had a man senator. Housekeepers had a senator Got cook, children & churches 3C person squads, protection Dependence (orphans& aged, poor) defections . came halt; & blind in delinquents. (prevention, reforming prison Our own peculiar provinces follow into legislation. Draft them into service for the state. Mothers of the spirit as well as of the flesh Social motherliness Addams Study criminal not just crime. Social sympathy brought into Gov. action. Human nature treated with reverence. 7 states in Aus. Pioneer country women had equal [illegilbe] so obvious, horse thieves, Dutch in Africa. Women included in new revolutions. Women help to win but after don't