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"Jessie Townsend papers (folder 1 of 2)", Item 001

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Line up with girls, each knows best his own needs. Go out on the picket line. Human like the rest if they do not do the best or like [Ibsen?]. Right to live their own lives, not horses. Eve's (Robinson) movement. Self expression 1st human home for her young not self expression now- public service discover each other. The great force is now is for the preservation of the home. People left over from yesterday, a ballot and not a broom. The anti may be converted by an anti speech. Myriads of ancesters. [ditto] of unborn babes. Dangers of home child bearing [workers?] Diseases of home by double standards. Girls thrown to sharks, business interests. Protect our great charge I build a home.

1st [illegible] but came to life [illegible] [after?] and not dead yet. All the burdens of the gov. but ballot Com. Dist C. Delegations always right with one exception. Wash always open No keys. not politically equal. Mary Anderson. Womens Federation of [Wkrs?] National school for organizers. Laundry workers and hatters Margaret [Wom.?] trade [U.?] League of NYC 17 & 18 hrs a day in laundry. $3.50 (that the home [senators?] mentioned) squinch them. respect & admiration? 1,620 to make 500 child not four cts 30,000 shirt waist girls against brutality of police. [McClennan?] said no account to him. Old women sent to jail & tombs scrubbing until knees bleed need red tape from here to N. Y.?] to the Womens Home. Jail for nothing An opportunity to take care of ourselves, get out of our own sunshine Rosa Winslow aged 8 yrs stocking Workers are human. Never strike for working girls homes. Back us up - each looks [forward?]