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Benedick, Levi : Commonwealth Cause, Richmond City

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Virginia In the Court of Hustings for the City of Richmond To wit }

The Jurors of the Commonwealth for the body of the City of Richmond on their oaths present that Levi Benedicks did on the nineteenth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty one at the said City and within the jurisdiction of the Court of Hustings for the said City unlawfully attempt to cause his slave Nancy bodily injury with intent to maim disfigure disable and kill the said Nancy, by maltreating the said Nancy and putting her in chains and exposing her in chains, and tied and confined to inclement weather and starving and not supplying her with food which so chained, tied, and confined against the Peace and dignity of the Commonwealth.

John L. Tate 

B. M. Morris Charles T. Buford } Witnesses called and sworn by the Court to give evidence to the Grand Jury Ro Howard, Clk.