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Petition of settlers of the back parts of Virginia, 1742 July 30.

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July the 30 1742 / To the Honourable William Gooch Esq: His Majesty:s Lieutenant Governor and Commander In Chief of Virginia Sir we your pittinours [petitioners] humbly sheveth that we your Honour's Loly [loyal] and duttifull Subgankes [Subjects] hath venturd [ventured] our Lives & all that we have In Settling ye back parts of Virginia which was a very Great Hassirt [Hazard] & eengrous [dangerous] for it is the Hathens [Heathens] [Road?] to ware which has proved hortfull [hurtful] to Severil [Several] of ous [us] that wase [was] ye first Settlers of these backwods & we your Humbill pittinors Sometime a Goo [ago] Pittined your Honnour for to have Commisined Men amoungst ous which we your Honnours Most Duttifull Subgeetes [Subjects] thought praperist [properest] men & men that had Hart and Curidg [Courage] to hed ous In time of trubell & to defend your honnuers Contray & your poor Subgacks Intrist from ye vouilince [violence] of ye Haithen But yet agine we Humbly persume to poot [put] your Honnour In mind of our Great want of them in hops [hopes] that your Honner will Grant a Captins Commission to John mcDowell with follring ofishers [officers] and your Honours Complynce In this will be Greeat Settisfiction to your Most Duttifull and Humbil pittinors -- and we as in Duty bond [bound] Shall Ever pray.

Sir ples your Honnour we your Humbel pittinours ounder stand that your Honnour hath Left John mcDowell out of ye Commishion of the peeace for which we your Humbell pittioners are very much troubled for he was verri Good and usfoll [useful] to ye poor & Loved to opres all vise therfore we Humbly pray that your Honr will aford ous the seame [same] blising & we as In Duty Bond [Bound] shall Ever pray.-

Andrew Mooure David Mooure James Eakins William mcCandls David mooure Alex.. Mooure William Mitchil Gorge Henderson William Lochridge Samuell Donlope James Eakines Walter Eakines Robert Donlope Solomon Marfit Charles Donlope [John?] Mooure Gorge Marfit John [Goof?] James Sutherland Matthew Patson James Milo x James Gounle James mc Dowell John Mitchil Ephran mc Dowell William Mooure William [Humpros?] [Edwart Coyet?] [illegible] andrson Joabe Andrson James Andrson Matthew Lyel Robart [Gertson?] John Gray Samul Gray William Armstrong [Ba:lis?] Armstrong John [Lober?] William mc Clure Al:xr m Clure turn over