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"Correspondence, August 1919", Item 025

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Aug 21/19-Mrs. Virginia Parrish, Bristol, Va. My dear Mrs. Parrish;- The Hon. E. C. Buck, who represents Washington County and Bristol in the Legislature, is not personally opposed to suffrage and would vote for ratification of the federal suffrage amendment when it comes up for action if he had any evidence that his constituents really wanted it, but says that as none of them have approached him on the subject he feels it is his duty to vote against it, notwithstanding his personal feeling on the subject. But we believe that he will vote for ratification if a number of his constituents will write and ask him to do so. Will you, therefore, write to him by return mail if possible (as the time is so short) asking him to vote favorably when the suffrage amendment comes up for ratification by the Legislature? Also please ask other suffragists you may know in Washington County and Bristol to do likewise---and do it at once. This is the crucial period in our work and we believe every suffragist is anxious to do his or her bit toward the consummation of our long arduous efforts. While we are hoping that the amendment will not be voted on at this special session of the legislature, still it is in the hands of the Governor and may be presented for action at any time. If it is, will it be possible for you to have a number of telegrams sent from Bristol and the County to Mr. Buck, should we telegraph you to that effect? This, of course is in addition to the letters that are to be written him now. The letters need not be long nor elaborate, but just a simple request that he vote for the amendment when it is submitted for ratification. One other help you can render the cause now---can you not send us a list of the suffragists in Bristol and the County as far as you may know them, and also any enrollments that you may have secured? These names will be of great assistance to us in the work we are now doing in the Legislature. We have not even the names of the 85 members of the Bristol League in hand, and would so much like to gt this list just as soon as possible. People away from Headquarters cannot realize the urgent need we have of the list of suffragists in the State and how very impotent we so often feel when called on for certain names and then not to have them, so please use your very best endeavor to get the Bristol list for us just as soon as possible. Cordially yours, Ida M. Thompson Headquarters Secty.