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"Correspondence, August 1919", Item 010

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to you to get them in such installments. After the middle of the month, if you prefer, I will not send them so often, as by that time I should have my next check from the National, and can then advance expenses for a longer time. Let me know your convenience in this. With love to you at headquarters, Mary Elizabeth Pidgeon P. S. Saturday - I am now in Rocky Mount, as Mrs. Whitner came home last night, and she and Mrs. Miles are going to see Mr. Andrews today, so I did not need to stay to do that. Hereafter, Mrs. Whitner and I will probably open each others' headquarters letters, so put "personal" on the outside if you wish to preclude this on any of Mrs. Whitner's letters, or put "please forward" on mine if you want her to forward quickly.