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"Correspondence, August 1919", Item 007

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Page, 2. Miss Pidgeon's report con'td. "Wytheville--Mr. Lee Trinkle told Woman's Party he would take no action without Mrs. Valentine's sanction. Still rather sore at Mapp. (I wonder why.) Mrs. John Crockett, very non-committal; 'Will act on party instructions.' "Marion-- Mr. J. P. Buchanan say she is 'All right on suffrage', and 'favors the federal amendment'. He promised, however, to support prohibition, and failed though the county was dry, one of the earliest in the State. Constituents to not trust him. Mr. Robert A. Anderson: I believe we can count on Mr. Anderson. He is also editor of the Marion News, and will use some plate matter." This closes her report, no need to give you her letter or my press news from her. The point is that Anderson of Marion is the one who returned our letter and questionnaire un-commented upon, and I was calling his attention to the omission in a perfectly polite way, but calling it nevertheless. Now, I am glad I had not sent my letter. I mailed to you today from Mama, the gray silk petticoat which you left and also your hearts pin which I got from Kohler's today. We sent the package parcel post insured and to Mrs. Townsend's Norfolk address. There is in it also some pins and needles and a postal from Stewart Bryan. A letter from Watson we re-addressed. I wrote Miss Fay Lewis of Newport News special to meet you at P. A. Court House tomorrow afternoon. You have the Norfolk enrollments and all we have of Portsmouth are mixed up with Norfolk. You have the Alexandria enrollments. Am enclosing list from Fairfax, Prince William, Culpeper and Orange. Mrs. Morgan got about 132 names in Manassas, and they have never copied and sent us the original enrollment. See if someone there will do it. Mr. and Mrs. Haines of the Manassas Democrat are from Kansas and are O. K. or were in 1918. Mrs. Morgan got 75 names in Culpeper, and if you see Miss Byrd Law (Low?) there, and ask her to have them copied and to send us the original list by registered mail, please. Mrs. Morgan spent one day in Orange and got 25 names. I can't find that list now, but will mail it to you to Orange, c/o Mrs. Crenshaw. The Mrs. Willis to whom Mrs. Lewis wrote at Mrs. Crenshaw's suggestion, asking that she be the leader in Orange has replied saying that she is too new to the county and not well enough known to make a good leader, though she is thoroughly in sympathy. She is Mrs. Lewis B. Willis. I am enclosing some new stuff from Rose Young--press stuff. The weather has grown much warmer that I feel sorry for you. Love and good luck. Yours, Edith