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"Correspondence, June-October 1918", Item 010

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-5- ful victory achieved by women for women, and all by means of the weapon of publicity. We have not confined our propaganda to the employers, however. We have realized that it was women's own responsibility to demand equal pay for equal work, and to insist upon decent hours. We know also, that they can do this only through organization. We therefore sent out through the state channels, an urgent letter asking our suffrage workers to practice and preach organization throughout their states. To this and to our other letters to the states, we have had most courteous and interested response, assuring us of full co-operation. Recently, because of a report that not all of our state headquarters were observing union rules for the office employees, we sent out a circular asking them to do so. This letter brought cordial and favorable replies. Much more could have been accomplished than was done through the Committee on Protection of Women's Labor, had the chairman not had so much else to do as headquarters executive secretary and Washington press chairman. Three other calls we received will illustrate these possibilities: (1) An Army officer, newly appointed from civil life, sent us word that he would like to confer with us on the subject of securing women as inspectors of equipment in the army. These positions were at that time held only by men, and this particular army officer was hampered in his desire to employ women because of the prejudice on the part of the regular army officers who were his superiors. I called upon him and found that it would be inadvisable to make any aggressive move at that time, but a little later the obvious thing to do would be to make a public