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"Correspondence, January-May 1918", Item 006

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that he would not vote for the amendment. That he had never seen Alice Paul and she had no right to make such a statement now you see she forced him to do just what we are trying to keep him from doing. That is, commit himself on the question. We wished to pile up letters and telegrams from men and women and from the Labor Organization urging him to vote for it, so that when the time came, he could vote for it in response to these requests. We must even now in spite of The Woman's Party meddling with and muddling the question, go on sending him letters and telegrams till the last moment. Mrs. Morgan is doing splendid work in Danville getting letters sent to him. Janella Fitzhugh has waked up Fredericksburg Mrs. Robert Barton Winchester. Of course Roanoke and Lynchburg are doing well also. I hope Norfolk will keep at it. Mr. Sherry will vote to ratify it, if it comes down to us. E. Griffith Dodson is an "anti." "Says women do not want it" etc. I have written to Mrs. Parke also. Cordially yours Lila M. Valentine