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"Correspondence, July 1917", Item 013

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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia

President Mrs. B. B. Valentine, Richmond, VA.

Vice-Presidents Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, VA. Mrs. W. T. Yancey, Bedford, VA. Mrs. C E. Townsend, Norfolk, VA. Mrs. J. H. Whitner, R. F. D. 3, Roanoke, VA. Mrs. Faith W. Morgan, R. F. D. 1, Hampton, VA.

Treasurer Mrs. E. G. Kidd, Richmond, VA.

Recording Secretary Miss Roberta Wellford, University, VA.

Executive and Press Secretary Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, Richmond, VA.

Headquarter's Secretary Miss Ida M. Thompson, Richmond, VA.

Auditor Mrs. S. M. Block, Richmond, VA.

[Map of North America] Dark-No Suffrage White-Full Suffrage Shaded-Partial Suffrage Dotted- Presidential Suffrage

State Headquarters, Richmond, VA. Commercial Building, Second Street, Between Broad and Grace

Chairman Congressional Committee Mrs. John H. Lewis, Lynchburg, VA.

District Chairmen 1st Miss Ellen Robinson, 1623 R Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 2nd Mrs. C. E. Townsend, 723 Citizen's Bank Bldg.. Norfolk, VA. 3rd Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, 1815 Hanover Avenue, Richmond, VA. 4th Mrs. Roberta Large, Farmville, VA. 5th Mrs. A. W. Robins, Rocky Mount, VA. 6th Mrs. J. H. Whitener, R. F. D. 3, Roanoke, VA. 7th Miss Roberta Wellford, University, VA 8th Mrs. J. Taylor Burke, Alexandria, VA. 9th Miss Eugenia Bumgardner, Big Stone Gap, VA. 10th Mrs. W. W. King, Staunton, VA.

Chairman Political Study and Research Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, Richmond, VA.

July 20, 1917.

My dear Mrs. Valentine;-

Enclosed is a copy of a letter from Hugh Stockdell, one of the candidatess for the Legislature from Richmond.

As you are not aware of the fact that you have written to him, I will say that Miss Clark thought your name would be a great help on the letters sent out, so the letters were signed with your stamp-signature, and then by Miss Clark as Legislative Chairman for Richmond. The letters sent out were the same as the copy you dictated for use to Legislative candidates all over the State. This letter with necessary changes as to the offices desired by the candidates, has also been sent to all of the candidates for State Offices. Mrs. Cowles sent you a copy of Mr. Pollard's reply---no others have yet been received, although in this morning's"Square Deal" is a copy of the replies of all the candidates for Governor to the querries of the labor people, the 10th querry being as to their position on suffrage. Mr. Westmoreland Davis says : "The amendment of the State Constitution does not require executive action; it is effected by resolution and the popular vote. I favor any legislation that will render freer or more certain the expression of the will of the people at the polls. I do not favor equal suffrage or its consideration at the present time. I do not commit myself upon these questions involving a change in the organic law, as I am persuaded that the executive should assume a judicial attitude in the consideration of such questions". While I am writing up Mr. Davis, will give you what he says about the minimum-wage-for-women question: "A minimum wage for women present for consideration a sociological and economic question, which affects both employe and employer. Its efficacy when applied to Virginia conditions should be ascertained by an investigation conducted by representative publicists, upon whose conclusion the solution of the problem should be based". Mr. Ellyson on suffrage: "Sentiment in favor of equal suffrage is growing and any action taken by the legislature of Virginia on this subject will receive my earnest and careful consideration." =(sounds like Senator Martin, doesn't it?) And on the wage question he says: "I have already stated that I favor paying our lady teachers the same salaries as are paid men when they render equal service. I favor the enactment of a minimum wage law for women".