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"Correspondence, October 1916", Item 013

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Equal Suffrage League of Virginia PRESIDENT MRS. B. B. VALENTINE, RICHMOND, VA. MISS ROBERTA WELLFORD, RECORDING SECRETARY UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA MRS. ELIZABETH WEBB BLAKEY, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, RICHMOND, VA. MRS. E. G. KIDD, TREASURER RICHMOND, VA. MRS. HENRY AYLETT SAMPSON, AUDITOR RICHMOND, VA. MRS. G. HARVEY CLARKE, CHAIRMAN POLITICAL STUDY AND RESEARCH RICHMOND, VA. MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS, CHAIRMAN STATE CONG. COMMITTEE LYNCHBURG, VA. HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS MISS MARY JOHNSTON WARM SPRINGS, VA. MISS ELLEN GLASGOW, RICHMOND, VA. MRS. STEPHEN PUTNEY WYTHEVILLE, VA. MRS. KATE LANGLEY BOSHER RICHMOND, VA. MRS. KATE WALLER BARRETT ALEXANDRIA, VA. MRS. CHARLES V. MEREDITH RICHMOND, VA. MRS. LOUISE COLLIER WILLCOX NORFOLK, VA. ACTIVE VICE-PRESIDENTS MRS. JOHN H. LEWIS LYNCHBURG, VA. MRS. W. T. YANCEY BEDFORD, VA. MRS. C. E. TOWNSEND NORFOLK, VA. MRS. W. J. ADAMS NORFOLK, VA. MRS. W. W. KING STAUNTON, VA. STATE HEADQUARTERS, RICHMOND, VA. COMMERCIAL BUILDING, SECOND STREET, BETWEEN BROAD AND GRACE Lynchburg, Va., Oct. 19, 1916. 2d. Cong. Dist. Chairman. My dear Mrs. Townsend: This is a hurry call: try do your utmost possible for a good suffrage meeting in Norfolk on Saturday Oct 21. Susan B. Anthony Amendment Day. Have speakers show by maps, "Voiceless speech" etc. the extent of woman suffrage: distribute literature, if you can get it in time or can use some already in hand. State the party platforms and the attitude of your candidates thereto (do this kindly) and urge a resolution favoring the Amendment and urging all candidates for member of House of Representatives to pledge their aid if elected by vote and influence to secure the submission of a Federal Woman Suffrage Amendment for ratification by the Legislature of the several States. Show that this course is no abridgment of state rights, but rather in confirmatory of these