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"Correspondence, May 1916", Item 004

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National American Woman Suffrage Association Headquarters: 171 Madison Avenue, New York New York, May 10, 1916. Dear Sir, A minority of the Resolutions Committee of the National Republican Convention in 1912 presented a report which contained the following plank: "We favor the extension of suffrage to women." The report was not adopted but all history proves that "the minorities of today are the majorities of tomorrow." Since 1912 Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, have become full suffrage states and Illinois has granted to women municipal suffrage and the right to vote for President. Last November four Eastern States--New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts voted on woman suffrage. While the Amendments were lost, the "yes" vote in each state was larger than that polled by the Republican candidate for President in 1912. The total yes vote was 1,234,470. Women now help to determine 91 electoral votes: 22 U.S. Senators and 67 Representatives. The suffrage states cover nearly half our territory. The greatest of Republicans, Abraham Lincoln, said: "This country cannot endure half slave and half free." We say no Republic can endure half governed by half the people and the other by all the people. Woman Suffrage is coming. No one denies it. We ask you to join in the Chicago Convention to support the suffrage plank. Very truly yours, Carrie Chapman Catt PRESIDENT