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"Correspondence, May 1916", Item 003

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Affiliated Members ALABAMA - Equal Suffrage Associaion Pres. Mrs. Julian Parke, Selma ARKANSAS -- Woman Suffrage Association Pres., Mrs. O.F. Ellington, Little Rock. CALIFORNIA -- Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Mary McHenry Keith 2701 Ridge-road, Berkley. COLORADO-- Equal Suffrage Assocation. Pres., Mrs. John McPherson, 155 South Emerson St. Denver CONNECTICUT--Equal Suffrage Association. Pres,. Mrs. Thos. N. Hepburn, 55 Pratt St., Hartford. DELAWARE--Equal Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Mary C, Brassington, 902 Van Buren Street Wilmington. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- State Equal Suffrage Association: Pres,. Miss Mary O'Toole, Hibbs Bldg,. Washington. Woman Suffrage Council: Pres,. Miss Caroline l. DuPuy, 2019 Q St., Washington, D.C FLORIDA-- Equal Suffrage Association. Pres., Miss Mary Safford, Orlando FRIENDS EQUAL RIGHTS ASSOCIATION . Pres., Mrs. O. Edward Janney, 825 Newington Avenue, Baltimore. GEORGIA--Equal Suffrage Party: Pres., Mrs. Emily C. McDougald, 87 East 15th Street, Atlanta. Woman Suffrage Association: Pres., Mrs. Mary I. McLendon, 139 Washington Street, Atlanta. Woman Suffrage League: Pres.,. Frances Smith Whiteside, 46 Columbia Avenue, Atlanta ILLINOIS--Equal Suffrage Association: Pres., Mrs. H.H. Brown 2502 N. Man Street, Peoria,. Chicago Equal Suffrage Association: Pres., Mrs. James W. Morrision, 719 Rush Street, Chicago. INDIANA-- Women's Franchise League: Pres., Dr. Amelia R. Kelller, 816 Odd Felllows Bldg., Indianapolis. Equal Suffrage Association: Pres., Mrs. Anna Dunn Noland, 424 1/2 Broadway, Logansport. IOWA--Equal Suffrage Association. Pres., Miss Flora Dunlap, Roadside Settlement, Des Moines. KANSAS--Good Citizenship League. Pres., Mrs. W.Y. Morgan, Hutchinson. KENTUCKY-- Equal Rights Association. Pres., Mrs.Thomas Jefferson Smith, Frankfort. LOUISIANA--Equal Suffrage League: Pres., Mrs. Sallie Land Jastremski, care of Hausey House, Baton Rouge. Woman Suffrage Association: Pres., Miss Jean Gordon, 1800 Prytania St. New Orleans. Woman Suffrage Party: Pres., Mrs. Sake Meehan, 1620 Louisiana Avenue, New Orleans MAINE--Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Geo. s. Hunt, 165 State St., Portland MARYLAND--Equal Suffrage League of Baltimore: Pres., Mrs Charles E. Ellicott, 705 Cathedral St., Baltimore. Just Government League: Pres., Mrs. Donald Hooker, Upland, Roland Park. Woman Suffrage Association: Pres., Mrs. Emma Maddox Funck, 1631 Eutaw Street, Baltimore MASSACHUSETTS--Woman Suffrage Association: Pres., Miss Alice Stone Blackwell, 3 Monadnock Street, Dorchester. Political Equality Union: Pres., Miss Mabel Gillespie, 1301 Washington Street, Boston. MICHIGAN--Equal Suffrage Assocaiton. Pres., Mrs. Orton H. Clark, Kalamazoo. MINNESOTA--Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Andreas Ueland, Colham Boulevard, Minneapolis. MISSISSIPPI-- Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Miss Pauline V. Orr, Columbus. MISSOURI-- Equal Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Walter McNab Miller, 800 Broadway, Columbia. MONTANA-- State Central Committee. Pres., Miss Jeanette Rankin, Missoula. NATIONAL COLLEGE EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE Pres., Miss M Carey Thomas, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. NATIONAL MEN'S LEAGUE. Pres., Mr. James Lees Laidlaw, 26 Broadway, New York City. NEBRASKA--Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. W.E. Barkley, Lincoln. NEVADA--Woman's Civic League. Pres., Miss Anne Martin, 157 Mill Street, Reno. NEW HAMPSHIRE-- Equal Suffrage Association. Pres., Miss Martha s. Kimball, Portsmouth. NEW JERSEY--Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. E.F. Felckert, Plainfield. Women's Political Union: Pres., Mrs. Mina Van Winkle, Lincoln Park, Newark. NEW YORK--State Woman Suffrage Party. Chairman, Mrs. Norman de R, Whitehouse, 303 Fifth Avenue. NORTH CAROLINA-- Equal Suffrage League. Pres., Mrs. Charles Malcolm Platt, Asheville. NORTH DAKOTA-- Votes for Women League. Pres., Mrs. Robert Clendenning, Wimbledon. OHIO-- Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Harriet Taylor Upton, Warren. OKLAHOMA-- Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Adelia G, Stephens, 723 West California Street, Oklahoma City. OREGON--Equal Suffrage League. Pres., Dr, Esther Pohl Lovejoy, 393 William Avenue, Portland. PENNSYLVANIA-- Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. George B. Orlady, Huntingdon. RHODE ISLAND--Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Barton Jenks, 199 Angell Street, Providence. SOUTH CAROLINA--Equal Suffrage League. Pres., Mrs. Harry Pole Lynch, Cheraw. SOUTH DAKOTA--Universal Franchise League. Pres., Mrs. John Pyle, Huron. TENNESSEE--Equal Suffrage Association: Pres., Mrs. James McCormack, 7 So. McLean Boulevard, Memphis. Equal Suffrage Association, Inc. Pres., Mrs. Guilford Dudley, Nashville. TEXAS--Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Minnie Fisher Cunnigham, 3128 Avenue 0 1/2, Galveston. UTAH--State Suffrage Council of Women. Pres., Mrs. Emily Richards, 175 A Street, Salt Lake City. VERMONT-- Equal Suffrage Association. Pres., Dr. Grace Sherwood, St. Albans. VIRGINIA--Equal Suffrage League. Pres., Mrs. Lila Mead Valentine, 2338 Monument Avenue, Richmond. WASHINGTON--Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. George A. Smith, Smith & Alki Streets, Seattle. WEST VIRGINIA-- Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Ellis A. Yost, Morgantown. WISCONSIN -- Woman Suffrage Association. Pres., Mrs. Henry Youmans, Waukesha.