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"Correspondence, April 1916", Item 015

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Lynchburg, Va. April 29, 1916. Mrs. C. E. Townshend, Norfolk, Va. My dear District Chairman:- Our immediate work is to focus our efforts on getting a Woman Suffrage plank incorporated in the National Democratic and National Republican Party Platforms. The National Progressive, Prohibition and Socialist platforms already contain a full endorsement of Woman Suffrage. Virginia is the first non-suffrage state, so far reported, to have from its State Republican Convention an out and out endorsement of the principal of woman suffrage. The delegates from your District, elected at that Convention to the National Republican Convention to meet in Chicago, June 7th, are Delegate D. Lawrence Grover, Norfolk Alternate E. M. C. Quimby Suffolk. Delegates at Large Alvah H. Martin, Norfolk John B. Kimberley, Fortress Monroe A. E. Persons, Independence and others, out of your bailiwick. Urge these gentleman by personal deputations, letters, and all possible fair methods to strongly advise the inclusion of a woman suffrage plank in the Republican Party platform of the National Republican Convention to which they will be sent. Use the same methods towards - first, the delegates from your district, its counties and towns, to the Democratic State Convention to be held in Roanoke on June 2nd; and after that Convention shall have chosen its delegates to the National Democratic convention to be held at St. Louis, June 14, repeat with augmented force the same tactics on the men your State Democratic Convention shall send as delegates to the National Democratic convention at St. Louis. This latter time will be short, only twelve days. Work! I trust you will preserve for future reference in your organization work the Headquarter's News Letter of April 15th sent you on yesterday. With a final appeal for unflagging industry in this important and significant work before us, I am, Cordially yours, Elizabeth D. L. Lewis Ch. Va. I'm not sure whether "Independence" is in your district, however, that doesn't matter. A general volley wont hurt!