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"Correspondence, January 1916", Item 014

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                                                                                                              Portsmouth, Va-
                                                                                                                    January 13th-1916

Mrs. Lile Meade Valentine-

        President Equal Suffrage League
             of Virginia- Richmond- Va-

Dear Mrs. Valentine- Have yours 3rd inst. Last May, in company with several members of the Portsmouth and Norfolk Leagues, I called on Mr. W. C. Corbitt, then candidate for the Senate from The City of Portsmouth and County of Norfolk and since elected and Mr. H. Alexander, also a candidate for the same position, but defeated by Mr. Corbitt. Both of these gentlemen signed our pet- ition and promptly and cheerfully promised to vote for the prop- osed enabling act. So Mr. Corbitt, Senator form this city and the county of Norfolk is committed to us so far as his vote in the Senate is concerned. He is, I think a suffragist on conviction.

              On the same day I called on Mr. J. Davis Reed the a

candidate for the House of Delegates from Portsmouth and since elected. He then informed us that he would fight the passage, by the General Assembly, of any act whereby the people of the state might have an opportunity to express themselves at the polls on the question of equal suffrage. Moreover he declared that he would maintain this opposition to equal Suffrage unless requested to change his attitude by a petition signed by no less than two- thirds of the qualified votes in the state.

            He is a rabid anti-suffragist and, in my opinion, it

will be time and effort lost to attempt to change his position in the premises.

              Our League is doing all that it can under the very ad-

verse circumstances which hamper our work here in Portsmouth. The petitions have been circulated and will be forwarded to Headquarters as you request.

                                                 Yours respectfully
                            Mary P. Turpin President-