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"Correspondence, July-August 1915", Item 004

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EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA. PRESIDENT, MRS. B. B. VALENTINE, 2338 MONUMENT AVE., RICHMOND, VA. HON. VICE-PRESIDENTS.MISS MARY JOHNSTON, WARM SPRINGS, VA. MISS ELLEN GLASGOW, RICHMOND, VA. MRS. KATE LANGLEY BOSHER, RICHMOND, VA. MRS. KATE WALLER BARRETT, ALEXANDRIA, VA. MRS. LOUISE COLLIER WILLCOX, NORFOLK, VA. ACTIVE VICE-PRESIDENTS. MRS. J. H. LEWIS, LYNCHBURG, VA. MRS. W. J. ADAMS, NORFOLK, VA. MRS. C. V. MEREDITH, RICHMOND, VA. MRS. STEPHEN PUTNEY, WYTHEVILLE, VA. MRS. J. ALLEN WATTS, ROANOKE, VA. MISS ROBERTA WELLFORD, RECORDING SECRETARY UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. MRS. ALICE OVERBEY TAYLOR, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY RICHMOND, VA. MRS. E. G. KIDD, TREASURER RICHMOND VA. MRS. JOHN S. MUNCE, AUDITOR RICHMOND, VA. MRS. G. HARVEY CLARKE, PRESS CHAIRMAN, RICHMOND, VA. STATE HEADQUARTERS, RICHMOND, VA. COMMERCIAL BUILDING, SECOND STREET BETWEEN BROAD AND GRACE July 8-1915. My dear Mrs. Townsend: Find herewith enclosed a statement showing Mrs. Stoner's expenses in connection with her trip to Richmond and Norfolk. Richmond assumes the expense of July 2nd & 4th, $5.65, leaving to Norfolk the item of the 6th inst. $5.00 You were certainly served a horrid trick by the Union and its sympathizers. Had I been in sympathy with them to begin with, their unscrupulous use of the machinery of other leagues would have shown me the "error of my ways." I do not see how they can justify their policy of "break in and take everything in sight," and should think it would turn from them many, or should I say, ALL, who hear about it. Mrs. Valentine spoke at the University of Va Tuesday to 1200 students, in the afternoon on the Charlottesville C.H. Green, and addresses an open-air meeting tonight at 6th & Broad. She goes to Warm Springs, Va., Saturday, where you can communicate with her if desired up to the 25th. Cordially yours Alice O. Taylor.