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"Correspondence, May 1915", Item 011

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OFFICE OF THE MAYOR CITY OF NORFOLK, VIRGINIA May 15, 1915. Mrs. Jessie E. Townsend, Norfolk, Virginia. My dear Mrs. Townsend:- Your very kind letter of May 12th, left at my house, I found on my desk Thursday morning. I noted what you said in regard to being with you on that afternoon, and thought, probably, I might be able to be there, hence made no acknowledgment of your letter, but later in the day I found it impossible to be on hand. I also note what you say about my being willing to become a Vice-President of the Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk. I remember perfectly the pleasure I had in meeting Mrs. Willcox one afternoon on the street and her asking me if she might use my name as one of the Vice-Presidents, and telling her I would be glad for her to do so if she thought it would be of any service to the League. I wish to say, however, Mrs. Townsend, that I did not presume at that time that the office would be an active one and that I would be called upon for any sort of work; otherwise I should not have been able to accept because I have a great deal to do already. Notwithstanding, of course, I am always willing, when it is possible for me to do so, to help the Equal Suffrage League in its efforts because