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"Correspondence, September 1912", Item 002

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Mrs. Borden Harriman, Pres R. Brickell Holmes, Sec'y and Treas Telephone, Gramercy 1693 WOMAN'S NATIONAL WILSON AND MARSHALL ORGANIZATION Headquarters Fifth Avenue Building New York Room 1058 Tenth Floor [Seal with a number 12] Advisory Board Senator Thomas P. Gore, Oklahoma Joseph E. Davis, Wisconsin Josephus Daniels, North Carolina W. G. McAdoo, New York Governor Shafroth, Colorado Organization Committee Mrs. Borden Harriman Mrs. A.S. Alexander Mrs. Caroline B. Alexander Mrs. A. S. Burleson Mrs. J. Sergeant Cram Mrs. Josephus Daniels Mrs. Joseph E. Davies Mrs. J.B. Eustis Mrs. Thomas P. Gore Mrs. Frank Lyon Polk Mrs. Oswald Villard Mrs. Willis J. Abbot Miss Katherine Leckie Mrs. Mabel Potter Daggett Dear Madam: Women as the purchasers of nearly everything that goes into the home feel more keenly than any one else the effect of the increasing cost of living. One of the chief causes of the increased cost is the high tariff. The high tariff is a Republican party principle. The low tariff is a Democratic party principle, and the Democratic party is pledged to reduce the tariff and the cost of living if the people elect them to office in November. The women of the United States are interested to see the Democratic party win. Its great leader (Woodrow Wilson) as Governor of New Jersey has specially devoted his administration to securing laws for the protection of women and the home.

 For this reason women are organizing to use their influence in helping elect him the next President of the United States.  The Women;s National Wilson and Marshall Organization has been formed with headquarters at the Fifth Avenue Building, New York.  Branches are to be organized in every city and village of the United States.  Business women, professional women and home women have already come to the New York Headquarters to be enrolled.

Some of them have husbands who are Republicans and some belong to families that for generations have voted the Republican ticket. But it all makes no difference. Women in this campaign want Wilson. They are rallying universally to his support. The Woman's Wilson and Marshall Organization is a popular organization. Don't you want to join? There are no dues.

Just give us your name.
By filling in the blank spaces on the attached coupon with you name and address, you will become a member.  

This is going to be an exciting campaign and every woman will want to be in it. We shall be glad to welcome you to the Wilson and Marshall ranks. Very truly yours, R. Brickell Holmes Secretary Please enroll my name for active membership in the Woman's National Wilson and Marshall Organization