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George L. Beyer, Honorable Discharge, December 26, 1944.

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ENLISTED RECORD OF Beyer George L. 36286831 Staff Sergeant (Last name) (First name) (Middle initial) (Army serial number) (Grade)

Born in Racine, in the State of Wisconsin inducted 1 30 November, 1942, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin When inducted he was 21 years of age and by occupation a Student He had Grey eyes, Brown hair, Ruddy complexion, and was 5 feet 10 inches in height. Completed 2 years, 0 months, 27 days service for longevity pay. Prior service 2 None Finance Office Fort Belvoir, Virginia DEC 26 1944 PAID IN FULL $ 51.60 E.W. DEAN, Capt., F.D. Noncommissioned officer Staff Sergeant, 31 July 1944 Military qualifications 3 Sharpshooter, Course "A", 8 May 1944 Army specialty Platoon Leader Attendance at Officer Candidate School (Engrs.) Fort Belvoir, Virginia (Name of noncommissioned officers' or special service school) Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions None Decorations, service medals, citations Good Conduct Medal Wounds received in service None Date and result of smallpox vaccination 4 12 December 1942 Immune Date of completion of all typhoid-paratyphoid vaccinations 4 28 December 1943 Completed Date and result of diphtheria immunity test (Schick) 4 None- Blood Type "O" Date of other vaccinations (specify vaccine used) 4 Tetanus Toxoid 1 February 1944 Stim. Dose Physical condition when discharged Good Married or single Married Honorably discharged by reason of 5 Conv. of Govt, Section X, AR 615-360 (to accept Commission and immediate Active Duty in the AUS). Character Excellent Excellent RBS Periods of active duty 6 11 December 1942 to 26 December 194 Remarks 7 Soldier is not entitled to travel pay. Time lost under AW 107: None Soldier is not entitled to mustering out payment:

Print of Right Thumb Signature of soldier George L. Beyer Robert N. Bennett Robert N. Bennett 1st Lieut., C.E., Personnel Officer

Instructions for Enlisted Record 1 Enter date of induction only in case of trainee inducted under Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 (Bull. 25, W.D., 1940); in all other cases enter date of enlistment. Eliminate word not applicable. 2 For each enlistment give company, regiment, or arm or service with inclusive dates of service, grade, cause of discharge, number of days lost under AW 107 (if none, so state), and number of days retained and cause of retention in service for convenience of the Government, if any. 3 Enter qualifications in arms, horsemanship, et. Show the qualification, date thereof; and number, date and source of order announcing same. 4 See paragraph 12, A R 40-210. 5 If discharged prior to expiration of service, give number, date and source of order or full description of authority therefor. 5 Enter periods of active duty of enlisted men of the Regular Army Reserve and the Enlisted Reserve Corps and dates of induction into Federal Service in the cases of members of the National Guard. 7 In all cases of men who are entitled to receive Certificates of Service under A R 345-500, enter here appointments and ratings held and all other items of special proficiency or merit other than those shown above.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CERTIFICATE OF DISCHARGE A R 345-470 Insert name: as, "John J. Doe," in center of form. Insert Army serial number, grade, company, regiment, or arm or service; as "1620302"; "Corporal, Company A, 1st Infantry"; "Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps." name and grade of the officer signing the certificate will be typewritten or printed below the signature. U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1943 O- 530071